Katchafire Releases Two Music Videos Ahead of ‘Legacy’ Release

Katchafire Releases Two Music Videos Ahead of ‘Legacy’ Release

Katchafire will continue the celebration of their 20th anniversary together with the release of their 5th studio album Legacy. The beloved, all Maori reggae band hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand, plan to drop Legacy in February 2018 via Zojak World Wide and Universal NZ. Ahead of the album’s release, Katchafire has put out two new music videos for Legacy‘s first two singles, “Addicted” and “Way Beyond.”

Katchafire’s music has entrenched itself deep in the hearts of reggae fans from the South Pacific to North America, Europe and beyond. Their patented sweet and smooth reggae has earned them multiple awards, platinum sales, and 4 highly successful studio albums. Katchafire is very much a family affair, consisting of Grenville Bell (lead guitar), his sons Logan Bell (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Jordan Bell (vocals / drums), as well as Leon Davey (vocals / percussion), and Tere Ngarua (bass). Katchafire_Live

The creation of “Way Beyond” was led by long-time band member and songwriter Leon Davey. Davey provided lead vocals and co-produced the track. The music video for “Way Beyond,” shot in Sydney, Australia and produced by Polly Snowden, features Davey peacefully strolling down the street with all sorts of shenanigans taking place around him. Explaining Katchafire’s latest single, Davey says, “This song has come about because of all the good, the bad, the people that I have loved and lost, and people who I love today. That my family and friends make my life what it is today, and for this I am blessed and will always be eternally grateful. My life used to be just about me and what I wanted. It is only in my older years that I have come to this realisation… everything else is temporary.”

Prior to “Way Beyond,” Katchafire also released a new music video for “Addicted,” the upcoming album’s first single. The music video for “Addicted,” produced by Damien Nikora, takes us on a smooth ride through the unbelievably scenic roads of New Zealand. Logan Bell hits all the right now notes in this classic Katchafire love song.

Speaking on the forthcoming album Legacy, frontman Logan Bell says, “The boys are really excited about this chapter. We have been working hard to bring y’all some new fire… It’s sounding great to our ears and we can’t wait to share with you!”

We share Logan’s excitement for the new album and can’t wait to dive into the full slate of songs in February. Stay tuned to The Pier for further updates on Legacy, as well as Katchafire tour dates in 2018. For now, enjoy the two new music videos off of the upcoming album.

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Article By: Brian Winters
Photo By: David Norris

Watch: Katchafire – “Way Beyond”

Watch: Katchafire – “Addicted”