Sublime with Rome Headline King of the Hammers Off-Road Event.

Sublime with Rome Headline King of the Hammers Off-Road Event.

SUBLIME WITH ROME, SPRAY ALLEN, THE HAPPYS and  more perform at the annual

Sublime w Rome headline King of the Hammer's Event.Sublime With Rome headline King of the Hammer’s Event.

Produced by
ULTRA 4 RACING, the event is attended by an estimated 100,000+ off-roaders, celebrating its 14th year in 2023.
Top-shelf music acts were added to the mix the past four years. THE KING OF THE HAMMERS off-road extravaganza brings together off-road enthusiasts and corporate leaders within the off road community. The multi-weekend schedule takes place in late January and early February each year. The event’s primary sponsor is OPTIMA BATTERIES, with MONSTER ENERGY sponsoring the live music. Catering to a diverse music crowd, artists on the schedule throughout the extravaganza are multi-genre and include punk rock, reggae/indie rock, and country.

SUBLIME WITH ROME, SPRAY ALLEN, and THE HAPPYS returned from 2022 as the line-up for the evening featuring reggae/indie rock and they did not disappoint.

Sublime With Rome headline King of the Hammers Event. and cranked out all of the Sublime favorites that are known all over the world, with a healthy blend of original material the 6,000+ concert-goers all grooved and cheered to. We caught up with industry veteran DENNIS MCGIVERN, Rome’s guitar tech who travels with the band and arrived to the venue location the evening prior to the show. Dennis also now plays guitar in Spray Allen sharing duties with Eric Sherman. “We play tonight then we are immediately off to Florida for a one-off show. It’s nice to be back here for the second time. This event is mind-boggling with the number of people out here”. Said McGivern. Sublime With Rome’s summer festival calendar is already stacked up with performances scheduled at Reggae Rise Up, Red Rocks, The Beachlife Festival, and Cali Roots.

The band will also be a part of a special set being played at Cali Vibes in Long Beach memorializing the late Andy Chaves of the Phoenix-based Hip Hop/Reggae Rock group Katastro.

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Check out a live clip from Sublime With Rome’s performance at King of the Hammers below!

SPRAY ALLEN is a San Diego-based indie rock band formed in 2021 when pro skater/adrenaline junkie/entrepreneur Danny Way connected Eric Wilson (Sublime/SWR), Wade Youman (Unwritten Law), and New York to San Diego transplants Daniel Lonner and Eric Sherman. (Late Night Episode) Drummer Wade Youman re-joined Unwritten Law, replaced by Lyle Riddle (Turtles On Speed/Elijah Noll)

The band formed during the pandemic when live music was paused. They cranked out the double album Needful Things released in 2022 and began touring in support of the album playing festivals, as well as a run with fellow San Diegan’s Sensi Trails and NorCal’s The Happys.
Their set at King of the Hammers brought together a mixed-pot of jams including material from their release “Needful Things”

The band also blessed the crowd with four new songs. On sound and appearance the new tunes look to be a bit heavier Rock n Roll then what we headr on NT.

Veteran musician Gabrial McNair of NO DOUBT joined the band for “STAY CLEAN”

Spray Allen are currently in the studio working on their second full length album!
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Check out a few songs including new material from Spray Allen at King of the Hammers Below!


The sounds of surf-grunge rock graced the stage at King of the Hammers with The Happys. Bringing their cheerful, yet sometimes edgy NorCal sounds to many of which had not seen or heard of the band. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the crowd dancing and raging along all throughout their set.

Formed in the Bay Area of Northern California, songwriter Nick Petty grew up writing music since an early age. Starting his career after overcoming addiction, depression and incarceration, powerful even strange songs started to form. The outfit is completed by Guitarist, Ale (Alex) Sanchez, Bassist, Brett Brazil and Drummer Elijah Smetzer. The Happys have shared the stage with artists such as Mad CaddiesSublime with RomeAgent Orange,  Del the Funky HomosapienBand of GringosLAW, and Sensi Trails.
The band has an active tour schedule. The band just wrapped up a nationwide tour with Sensi Trails and are currently finalizing their tour agenda for 2023.

The Happys have a loyal fan base who are often seen on street corners in Northern California and elsewhere holding up signs reading, “LISTEN TO THE HAPPYS”.

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The Happys entire set from King of the Hammers below!

Story, Pics and Video: Joe Gamez
Additional Photo Credit:  @noteventanner