Kolohe Kai’s ‘Hazel Eyes’ Is A Dose of Positivity We All Need Right Now

Kolohe Kai’s ‘Hazel Eyes’ Is A Dose of Positivity We All Need Right Now

The Hawaii based artist Kolohe Kai is known for his epic R&B stylings mixed with the island reggae beats. On his newest album Hazel Eyes, he has created a warm, powerful and uplifting vibe as Kolohe Kai’s iconic R&B vocals serenade our ears throughout the record.

The album is a collection of songs based on Kolohe Kai’s life. All written a various times, it fits together cohesively and catalogs the fun times, the loving times with light and airy movements. But like life, it also has a few songs that are stark reminders of life’s ups and downs. Kolohe Kai commented: 

“From the ocean with its soothing power, to the faith that anchors my soul. From my intense desire to help others feel beautiful, to my vows to the greatest wife in the world. This album represents all of me. Every crevice of my heart was emptied into these lyrics. The journey of these past few years has been a hike to remember, filled with important lessons. I hope it inspires anyone listening to grab hold of true love and happiness.”

Kolohe Kai

Going through the 11 track album is like reading pieces of Kolohe Kai’s diary. From falling in love, cherishing your loved ones, to even talking about burnout and not being seen as more than just an entertainer.  He laid it all out in full view and it is epic! 

We immediately gravitated to “Feel The Sunshine” featuring HIRIE’s iconic lyricism paired with Kolohe Kai made for a gorgeous song. The two Hawaiian based artists have truly made a remarkable love song and I’m here for it and the video:

“You’re So Beautiful” has an anti-bullying message along with a beautiful message. It was accompanied by a music video that shows young kids going through school and facing the harsh realities of feeling undeserved. The message and the imagery is so powerful and exactly what is most needed right now! Amid news cycles filled with the horrible reality of what our children face every day, this song is all about embracing who you are and finding those that do too and will say – “I think you’re beautiful!” This song is so powerful that it was part of Hawaii’s anit-bullying PSA watch below:

“Hazel Eyes” is a wonderful love song and dedication to Kolohe Kai’s wife (or soon to be) that frankly, we can’t stop listening to. We are a romantic at heart here at The Pier and the uplifting song depicts his epic love story.

“Isn’t She Lovely” is a glorious Stevie Wonder cover with the video that reminds us all of how wonderful life can be:

“Circus Slave” is about Kolohe Kai’s sentiments about being a performer, and honestly this is something I think about often working in entertainment. It confronts the way the general audience regards (or rather, places on a pedestal) and perhaps thinks of performers, forgetting that they are also just people too.

With everything going on in our world, Kalohe Kai’s Hazel Eyes was just what we needed, it is the dose of positivity that can get you through the day. Kolohe Kai will be on his “Hazel Eyes” Tour kicking off this September–Dates & additional links below.

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Article By: Mercedes Romana