Kruel Summer Has Released Our End of the Summer Feel Good Anthem

Kruel Summer Has Released Our End of the Summer Feel Good Anthem

On Friday, Kruel Summer the rising alternative rock reggae band from San Jose, California, dropped their feel-good summer anthem, “Another Night.”

Comprised of Clev Stiles (Formerly from The Holdup), Ben Dimmit, Shane Billings, and Chris Reed, the eclectic band has showcased their unparalleled sound and style with the new song. We caught up with Chris Reed, bass, keys and backup vocalist for the band who commented:

 “Another Night” was written to soothe anyone dealing with a bad day full of anxiety and stress. The chorus’s main line “Tell me that it’s all gonna to be alright, because I don’t want to go another night not knowing” describes the anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing tomorrow’s outcome. But also soothing that anxiety with the comfort of being told that everything is going to be alright. Another line in the song talks about the feeling of being underwater, but still pulling through to get through those hard times or bad days.

It is for anyone dealing with stress and anxiety who needs an instant mood boost. An attempt to overturn any negative feelings of worry and stress to bring energy and happiness. An uplifting feel-good summer song, I dare you to play this song and not instantly feel a mood boost.”

Man I love that! Giving us some Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome vibes, the new single from Kruel Summer is an upbeat, catchy song that inspires positive energy. WE highly recommend locking it in your drivetime/ daily commute playlist! Takes a listen here:


By Mercedes Romana