Lagwagon’s Joey Cape: ‘Stitch Puppy’

Lagwagon’s Joey Cape: ‘Stitch Puppy’

Lagwagon front man Joey Cape is set to release his first solo album in five years entitled Stitch Puppy on Sept. 4th. We haven’t had many opportunities to see what age looks like on punk rockers and Joey Cape is no spring chicken.

Closing in on 50-years-old, The Caper spent the last year touring the world supporting Lagwagon’s newest release, Hang. The album was pretty angry, as Joey told us when we last spoke.
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There is sure to be some somber moments with Stitch Puppy but we will most certainly be lifted back up. The last few years have not been easy on Joey with the loss of close friends on his journey over the hill, but there is hope in Stitch Puppy, inspired by the “Victorian mourning doll” his daughter made him.

“Put it this way, if my house were to burn down, after my family and the animals, Stitch would be top priority.”

In the first video release, directed by Cape, he brings the doll to life “representing purity, loss, and the strength that follows.”

Joey Cape has always been a prolific songwriter in the punk-rock genre but it wasn’t until he released an acoustic split with the late No Use For A Name singer Tony Sly where we were fortunate to hear the stripped down and unplugged versions his punk rock classics.

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Stitch Puppy will undoubtedly touch the hearts of fans, old and new alike. We have all experienced loss and the processes of picking up the pieces in order to align ourselves back with the path we were meant to be on.

“We are all disappointed by life’s disloyalties and losses but somehow we’re wiser for them,” says Cape. “We transform from victim to guide. We are witness to these things and the beauty in between. That’s it. That’s how I see ‘Stitch Puppy’. Not defeated. Simply the wise witness I aim to be.”

You can preview “This Life Is Strange” in a video directed by Joey Cape featuring stop motion from his talented daughter.

Purchase Stitch Puppy from Fat Wreck Chords by clicking HERE!

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Article by Blake Taylor