Law Records Signs NEW Band!

Law Records Signs NEW Band!

The newest addition to the LAW Records roster is a rock/reggae/ska band from Oceanside, California. Appropriately named Oceanside Sound System, a.k.a The O.S.S, this group has joined a label who’s roster has included Pepper, Iration, Arena Productions, Passafire, The Supervillains, Ballyhoo! and Splinta.

Pepper is a common household name in the reggae rock community and has been a touring machine since their early Warped Tour days back in 2001. It was then that the Pepper boys met a band called Wanted Dead. Complete opposites in music styles, Wanted Dead, was more of a hardcore, in your face band.

Fast forward to 2009, after years of Wanted Dead being on hiatus, original member Jon “Skillet” Blakemore, formed The Oceanside Sound System (The O.S.S.) making their own new sound of reggae, rock, ska, and punk. Skillet formed the group with various musicians out of the north San Diego region to make up what they’re representing in Oceanside’s Sound System.

Skillet approached singer/guitarist Kaleo Wassman of Pepper, with his new band, The Oceanside Sound System, for professional guidance. That approach turned into Kaleo producing their album. Once the rest of Law Records heard it, The O.S.S. would be the first band since Ballyhoo! in 2011 to sign with Law! As for what drummer, Yesod Williams, of Pepper had to say about the signing, “We’re STOKED!”.

The O.S.S. carries a diverse reggae-rock-ska sound with Skillet having his firm background in punk rock. The group may be compared to a mash-up of The Specials, Operation Ivy, and The Clash with a fresh SoCal twist. So when attending a Oceanside Sound System show, bring your dancing shows, and in the words of The O.S.S., “Rude Boys and Girls UNITE!”

The Oceanside Sound System will drop their new album, titled 4th Wave on June 7th, 2013 on LAW Records. Stay tuned to LAW Records Facebook for updates on the band and the upcoming single “You Or Me”.

Upcoming Dates:
May 4th @ Ska Wars Convention Crawl. Fresno, CA
May 10th @ Rookies Sports Bar. Oceanside, CA (w/The Nite Doctors)
May 11th @ Mariners Point. San Diego, CA (w/Pepper, Vokab Kompany, Stranger & Natural Vibrations)
May 24th @ Pier View Pub. Oceanside, CA. (w/Loose Nutts & CPA)
May 26th @ 94.9FM. San Diego, CA (Interview w/Time Pyles)
June 7th @ The Ocean House. Carlsbad, CA (w/Whiskey Avengers)
June 15th @ Boars Cross’n. Carlsbad, CA (CD Release Party)

The O.S.S. Links:
The O.S.S. Website
The O.S.S. Facebook

Law Records Links:
Law Records Website
Law Records Facebook

Article By: Edgar Gaytan

Listen: The O.S.S. – “You or Me?”