Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s New Album

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s New Album

Ranked 100th on Rolling Stone Magazine‘s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, nobody alive today, has been more influential in the evolution of reggae music as Grammy award-winning, Father of Reggae, Creator of Dub, Lee “Scratch” Perry. Now, after an illustrious career which includes the discovery of Bob Marley and many other icons of Jamaican Reggae, Lee “Scratch” Perry, 76, has just released a new album, Humanicity!

To help create the new record, the innovator, and visionary Jamaican artist, producer, sound engineer and singer joined forces with French musician-producers Olivier “Electric Rabbit” Gangloff and Romain “EasyMode” Ferrey. Together as Easy Riddim Maker, E.R.M., the French duo created an album of ten tracks, just for Perry. Later, Perry came in to record the vocals, improvised the lyrics on all songs. Once again Perry shown the world that he has not lost his touch.

A new album from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is way past due. Perry was said to be heavily invested on the collaboration with E.R.M. With the peculiar match up producing an album of “depth, humanistic and contemporary, hence the title Humanicity. The music and text found their true places where the listeners can surely experience many emotions.”

Track List:
1.) Capricorn
2.) Diplomat, Aristocrat
3.) In The Bathroom
4.) Jesus Perry
5.) 4th Dimension
6.) Lee Meets ERM
7.) Shuffle
8.) Rastafari
9.) No Bad Boy
10.) Move On

Album Links:
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Article By: Aaron Solomon

Check out the first single “In The Bathroom”