Little Stranger – “Kama Sumatra” (Music Review)

Little Stranger – “Kama Sumatra” (Music Review)

Philadelphia, known for its famous Rocky movie, cheesesteaks, and of course Little Stranger! This band consists of two very talented musicians that delve into uncharted territories fusing their melodic hip-hop, rap, reggae, indie style creating their own genre! Their authenticity never halts and continues to fascinate their fans across the globe.

Check out their brand-new banger just released, “Kama Sumatra”! This song will have you dancing the night away with the salsa Latin style with a sweet tempo caressing your soul and making you smile from ear to ear! The listener gets mesmerized by the smooth guitars gliding the party into the night with those handsome devils belting out those awesome vocals hypnotizing every listener in the room! “Kama Sumatra” is going to take us into that beautiful spring sunset making us all warm and ready for summer! You already know when you see them live, they will be dancing and so will you!

“Kama Sumatra “could be this sexy dance we do together at their live shows! I can just see it now; Kevin gets in the crowd and starts dancing and there goes the whole damn bunch of us just enjoying life and loving their music! Fusing that wrap style into this song with super strong positive vibes flowing through the beats and guitar strumming, these Philly boys know how to bring it every time! Go check it out! “Kama Sumatra”!!

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Review by Stefanie Sanchez