Live: Ballyhoo! & Doug Means Project (1-13-12)

Live: Ballyhoo! & Doug Means Project (1-13-12)

Date: Friday, January 13, 2012
Line up: Ballyhoo! & Doug Means Project
Location: Beachside Tavern. New Smyrna Beach, FL

It was an eerie Friday the 13th, but luckily Ballyhoo! was in town. The lively local New Smyrna Beach crowd packed the Beachside Tavern jammin’ to that groove rock style. Unbeknownst to the crowd, they had really lucked out. Friday night was a unique combination of west and east coast reggae rock.

Long Beach California’s Doug Means Project opened the show. Normally, the east coast does not get to hear the smaller Cali reggae bands. The DMP was a real treat. The unfamiliar crowd was defiantly surprised by DMP’s funky musical mix. The band gave the crowd a nice sampling of their 2.0 album, playing a 10 song set with a 3 song encore. The highlight of the set was the catchy Cali sounding song “Benjamin Franklins.” A very cool song that was originally recorded with Rome Ramirez for Sublime with Rome. By coming all the way out east, the Doug means Project should develop an east coast following. With the reggae vibes in full swing from DMP, the crowd was pumped, and eagerly awaited Ballyhoo!

Currently, Ballyhoo is at the top of their game. Just about one year ago, Ballyhoo joined the infamous Pepper owned Law Records, and then produced their new album Daydreams. In support of this album the band is rocking the nation on the Daydreams tour. Florida is extremely lucky to get nine chances to see this talented group of artists. Ballyhoo is really hitting Florida hard. Mainly to stir up excitement about the upcoming 311 Cruise. If this show was a sign of what is to come for the cruise, then fans really have something to look forward to when that ship sets sail.

It was just after 11:00, after a short set change, Ballyhoo was on stage ready to kick the party into full gear. Front man, Howi, cheered the crowd, slammed a shot of whiskey, and jumped right into the intro for “Last Night.” They kept the new tunes going with the progressive song “Evil Penguin,” and Daydreams’ gem “Diamonds.” The new songs are excellent. Mista J keeps funky base lines rolling, Big D hits hard on the drums, Howi melts faces, and DJ Blaze on the keys, really adds to the sound. Ballyhoo played and excellent set, with a nice assortment of hits from the new album and prior releases from Cheers! and Do it for the Money. The band ended the set with “Cervezas,” a great song that every reggae rock head should know.

It was 12:45, and it looked as if the show was over. But Ballyhoo came back up on stage and played a raging 30 minute encore. Which included “Alcohol Looks Beautiful Tonight,” “Too Late,” and ending with a song that really describes their one of a kind reggae party stylee “Groove Rocks.” Ballyhoo killed it with their distinctive blend of reggae rock. It is amazing how they keep the energy up the entire set. It was very cool to hear how multifaceted their music has become. They have grown as musicians and performers. It is obvious that their dedication to the road, has created impeccable stage presents. Making Ballyhoo! extremely fun to watch live.

– Article & Photos By: Aaron Solomon

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