Live: Homegrown Northwest Reggae Festival (7/25-26/2014)

Live: Homegrown Northwest Reggae Festival (7/25-26/2014)


Josh Heinrichs was all smiles all weekend. He was elated at the treatment he was receiving from the Washington crowd as well as the liberal law for recreational ganja use. He spent the day listening to the local bands, relaxing with Skillinjah and exploring the farmland.

The festival received a 2-for-1 deal with the presence of Skillinjah & Heinrichs. When it came down to perform, Heinrichs owned the stage along with his supporting band, The Dabtones. He laid down his smooth and sultry guitar while his slight rasp and ability to hit those high notes only compliment his soulful voice.

Skillinjah and Heinrichs almost immediately appeared at the Pacific Northwest Roots dab-booth to share their experiences with the fans that came to see them this weekend. For everyone else, they say “What’s Up!?”

Written by: Blake Taylor
Photos by: Blake Taylor & Jenny Feria

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