Live: Homegrown Northwest Reggae Festival (7/25-26/2014)

Live: Homegrown Northwest Reggae Festival (7/25-26/2014)


Date: July 25-26, 2014
Line Up: Josh Heinrichs w/SkillinJah, New Kingston, Indubious, Vally Green (w/KBong) High Ceiling, Yogoman Burning Band, The Highlife Band, Two Story Zori, Positive Rising, The Approach, Mighty High, The Vibe Project, Tribal Order, Wet City Rockers, The Hookys, Big Blue Van,
Soulistic Gypsy, The Mystic Arrows, Steady Riot, Dimestore Prophets, Juice Band
Location: Carnation, WA

Here is festival co-organizer, Mike Drumma, with his girlfriend Becky. He and bandmate Bill Ulsund found a picturesque setting to bring the best local Northwest reggae bands together with a few guest appearances to sweeten the mix, including Josh Heinrichs, K Bong, New Kingston & Indubious. Only three months of planning had culminated into twenty bands, two stages, a beer garden, merchandise vendors, a plethora of porta-potties, and campsites a plenty.

The farmland was something out of a Bob Ross painting with cheerful clouds and people turning their sorrows and worries into beautiful birds and upbeat vegetation. The main stage was positioned in the corner with the rustic barn in the background.

Mike admitted that he had never been to a festival before, so what better way than to create your own? Luckily he has an amazing support group and was able to enlist the help of Lindsay Love and an army of dedicated reggae loving volunteers who remained hard at work until the last piece of trash was removed from the property.

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