Live: Iration, TBS & Through The Roots (11-4-11)

Live: Iration, TBS & Through The Roots (11-4-11)

Date: Friday November 4th, 2011
Line up: Iration, Tomorrows Bad Seeds & Through The Roots
Location: House of Blues San Diego, CA

The Lei’d Back Tour featuring Iration, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and Through the Roots was welcomed back to California in the heart of San Diego on Friday November 4th. Iration may call Hawaii home but their strong roots in Santa Barbara, CA brings out the hardcore fans to the House of Blues to come jam out. Straight from Hermosa Beach, Tomorrows Bad Seeds was also stoked to be back in California and so did San Diego local band, Through the Roots.

The show was packed with fans rocking band tees from Iration to Rebelution, to Seedless, to those rad UCSB shirts, many of which have been watching Iration play in back yards since their college days. The underground venue (yes, literally lower than ground level!) held the packed crowd with a single, yet huge, Iration sign to decorate the stage. The merch tables were there for the fans to support the bands or even get free downloads that the bands were making available at their tables.

Through the Roots started off the night with a dub intro to get the crowd going until they started their set with “Best Friends” from their EP released in February 2011. Through The Roots lead singer Evan Hawkins, who was rocking an Iration tank, told the crowd how the band was so happy to be back in San Diego playing in their hometown.

Through The Roots introduced a brand new song, “All Your Love” which got people to dancing. The band also played songs from their newest EP, Here to Stay, with such song as “Weekend” and “Here to Stay”. Such a set would not be complete without a new song like “Smoke Until You Choke.” Through the Roots closed up with vocals from tour manager Billy B, who joined the band in one more reggae rock out for the crowd.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds followed, getting the crowd hyped during the sound check. With the lights completely out, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, got the crowd going with “Reflect” from Sacred for Sale. They followed that up with their ever so rad “Love Street” which the smooth transition into the song showed off the skills of lead singer Moi. “Bad Seeds,” the romantic “Only for You,” and the latest, “Nice and Slow” were all part of the enticing set. New single, “Nice and Slow” was being offered for free at the merch table, a treat just for showing up to the show.

It was the cover song that Tomorrows Bad Seeds put on for the crowd that was just awesome. It their rendition of Amy Winehouse’s, “Valerie,” that was a complete and rewarding shocker. Tomorrows Bad Seeds brought their rap and hip-hop side out with “Ready Fe Rock” which meant their lead guitarist put down his guitar and threw down some sick lyrics. The band brought their show to an end with “Heartless” mixed some legit oldies like “Ain’t No Sunshine” in there. “Vices” and “Warrior” left the crowd amped and ready for some Iration.

Although they are from Hawaii, Iration has found California to be home for them. After two months of Lei’d Back Touring, Iration and the other bands are glad to be back home in California. Iration got their set started around 10:30pm with a dark, quiet stage that began with some sick guitar riffs and vocals leading into the song “All in You.” Then “Timebomb” came on and the crowd got even crazier with everyone swaying and singing along together, which continued through “Get Back to Me” and “Electricity.”

Guitarist and vocalist, Micah Pueschel wanted to play a song that is about where they are from, which is the slow jam called “Dream.” Of course Iration played classics like “Wait and See,” “Cookie Jar,” “Summer Nights,” and “I’m With You”. Iration covered The White Stripes infamous drum and bass song, “Seven Nation Army” which enticed the shouting crowd that moved along with the beat.

Iration brought all the bands on stage to rock to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” with a little bit of The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop” thrown in there. The new Iration songs “No Time” and “Undertow” were not only given out for free at the merch tables but the crowd was totally feeling it. Iration said their goodbyes with their amazing and lovely “Falling” getting everyone singing and swaying to the awesome tune.

San Diego’s strong roots in reggae-rock is shown through the support of the people jamming and having a good time all night long. The Lei’d Back Tour stopped in S.D. for two nights including an after party at the Hard Rock Café on Friday, which was free for those that purchased tickets to the show. Iration, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and Through the Roots will finish up the tour with a show in Flagstaff, West Hollywood, and then San Francisco before they head home to play in Hawaii with Pepper, Sublime with Rome, The Throwdown, and Dub Trio.

– Article by: Alyssa Torres
– Photos by: David Norris

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