Live: J Boog & Hot Rain (11-24-12)

Live: J Boog & Hot Rain (11-24-12)

Date: Saturday November 24th, 2012
Line-up: J Boog w/ Hot Rain, Maoli and Irie Love
Location: 4th & B. San Diego, CA

After everyone had their Thanksgiving feast earlier in the week, there was still much to be thankful for. As the masses that descended on 4th & B venue Saturday night, they were in for a seconding helping. The night began early for those fortunate enough to arrive at The Westin Hotel in San Diego, CA, where the star of the night,J Boog, did a meet and greet for anyone willing to come. Even to the stature where J Boog now stands, he remains grounded, willing to shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures for grateful fans.

Soon enough, the evening progressed to the venue for the musical evening, as a great energy was felt throughout the air. People began to line up promptly for the doors to open. While you could over hear a few last minute preps for sound check, the line wrapped around the block. J Boog, having his tour bus parked in front of the venue, only added to the anticipation for the nights festivities.

As doors opened, everyone was quick to grab a drink, or some ono kine grinds from the Sushi Affair catering. All around you could feel the spirit of aloha, alive and well. From all the smiling faces, to how courteous everyone in the venue was. People from all cultures and walks of life meeting at 4th & B , to see J Boog and Hot Rain on the Give Thanks Tour .

Our opener for the night was Irie Love, a Hawaiian R&B-Reggae singer/songwriter hailing from Kailua, Hawaii. Taking front stage with a personalized bedazzled microphone done up by a friend, to open with “It Is What It Is”. Which this song has the great feature of Fiji on the track. As Irie Love quickly riled up the crowd with songs of empowerment, she was soon found after at the merchandise booth. As she had a quick break I was able to ask her about the inspiration behind her music. She went on to give me the insights that, “Yes a lot of her songs have to deal with the good and bad of any relationship.” Which as Irie Love continue to say, “that we all encounter these difficulties at some point or another. Whether is be through personal experience or through that of someone close to us.“

Following Irie Love, hailing also from Hawaii was the next performer, Maoli. By now the entire dance floor was completely filled, and everyone was dancing along to Maoli’s sounds. The band formed with a few core members in their high school days with Glenn Awong, as a 14-year-old with a passion for music, and Kana Akiu-Corpu. By the time they reached their senior year in high school, the duo formed “No boundaries”, which later with a few added members became Maoli. As they continued to bless us with their very unique island sound, the crowd moved along with every lyric and every note. To get the crowd dancing even more, Maoli did a cover of Foster and the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” in their reggae rock a dub style. With the energy already set, there was no slowing down for the main acts to follow.

The entire venue was filled from the door to the smoking area out back. All around you could see friends meeting friends, hugs, smiles, just a great feeling of family all around.

An added anticipation for The Hot Rain Band was in the air. Again everyone pushed to the front and center, as the boys began to set up. When talking to Carl, lead singer for Hot Rain, he mentioned one of the greatest blessing of touring with J Boog, is once they return to a city again, there’s a Hot Rain following. During the heat of their set, Carl took the time to ask if we had any Gregory Isaacs fans in the building. Needless to say, the entire crowd screamed and shouted with great blessings for the late and great reggae legend. Paying their justice to such a legend, they covered a few Isaacs’s favorites: “Cool down the pace” and “My Only Lover”. Much to their very all around style, various members of the band took their place to lead in a song. Jorell Nacapuy, more commonly know as “Jay Keyz”, keyboardist and back-up vocalist, took his place in center stage. As well as Chris Rodriguera, aka “Chris Rod”, took a break from also playing keys, to take his lead. Many came to see J Boog, but The Hot Rain band was definitely taking control of 4th & B. The Hot Rain boys have nothing but love for San Diego and that’s exactly what they gave.

As midnight rolled around, if you took a look around 4th & B, no one was ready to go home. The energy kept carrying over from every musical act that night. The Hot Rain Band, once again took their place on stage. Ready to back J Boog, as they have for the entire Give Thanks Tour, they kicked off with a hard dub step and reggae tribute to Tupac, with the famous song “California Love”. Through the speakers blasting, J Boog storms onto the stage with complete admiration of everyone in attendance. As the entire crowd sang every word, J Boog kicked off with favorites such as “Give Thanks”, “Let it blaze” and “Street Life,” which also features Fiji.

When the song “Every little thing” began, the crowd finished the lyrics by singing the entire chorus. Later on, a special guest of the Wash House Music team came to relieve J Boog, Lion Fiyah graced the crowd for one song. Once J Boog continued his set with “Hear me roar”, the vibrations went well beyond the walls of the venue. It echoed out into the streets, having people standing at the doors, just to listen at the energy pouring out.

In honor of the current tour’s title, J Boog gave thanks to an artist that paved the way, Marlon Asher. Soon enough, “Ganja Farmer” was belted out from the stage. Later, J Boog paid tribute to Los Angeles rap legend DJ Quik, with J Boog’s newest single “Smoking Bomb Bud”.

J Boog gave thanks to San Diego ending his set with the extremely popular track “Let’s Do It Again”. As every person within the venue continued to sing along with J Boog, our night came to an end. Such energy carried from the very first artist to grace the stage, all the way to the very end with J Boog. Even into the early hours of the morning when the show ended, everyone left feeling more energized. We give thanks to J Boog, The Hot Rain Band, Maoli and Irie Love for blessing San Diego. Give thanks!

Article By: Edgar Gaytan
Photos By: Dave Norris

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