Live: Katastro & Pacific Dub (10-14-11)

Live: Katastro & Pacific Dub (10-14-11)

Date: Friday, October 14th, 2011
Line up: Katastro & Pacific Dub
Location: The Clubhouse. Tempe, AZ

Friday night is the kick starter for the weekend, but Katastro utilized that special day of the week to host their CD release party for their new album Gentle Predator. After the album reached #2 on the iTunes Reggae charts in a single day, many in attendance already knew their favorite chords and lyrics to Katastro’s expanding sound.

But, to set the stage for the night, local funk/reggae flavor from the “valley of the sun” started the show off right. The local support that brought the crowd to full spirit was The Vera Groove. After recently hitting nearly every local music venue in the state, the five-member outfit performed with a stage presence of a headliner, yet it was only 9:30pm.

Pacific Dub brought their So Cal vibes on tour this past month along the west coast, and just happened to be in Tempe for Katastro’s momentous occasion.

Their “Surf City, USA” soundwaves had the crowd bouncing around in the intimate club, as guitarist Bryce Klemer infused the crowd with his relentless guitar solos. If reggae fans in the desert got their first glimpse of Pacific Dub, it certainly will not be their last.

Still, the entire night was building in anticipation for Katastro. After all, it was their own party. Even before a single note was played, the crowd cheered in excitement. The crowd didn’t have to wait any longer, as Katastro hit the stage. Drummer Andrew Stravers put on his headphones behind the kit, and began counting off the intro for their new track “You and I Wait”.

With the club jam packed with fans, the crowd began singing the lyrics, while erupting with each instrumental led by Tanner Riccio on guitar. After Katastro’s first song, in rhetorical fashion, lead singer Andy Chaves asked the crowd, “Did you hear our album hit #2 on iTunes?”

As the energy boiled following their song “Fallen”, the band then dove right into their album title track “Gentle Predator”. Clearly the fans were well aware of their recent release after singing the chorus, word-for-word.

There were not many surprises in the evening with Katastro, but one highlight was their rendition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song “Rolling Sly Stone”. Katastro might have the reggae vibe present but the hop-hop/funk influence is ever-present, creating a unique style not heard in the reggae-rock community.

Elevating the crowd to new levels the entire night, Katastro slowed their performance down with “Angels” and “Watch It Burn”. Candlelight would have been fitting as the lights inside went black, but the music suited the atmosphere.

Leaving the crowd with one more heavy-hitting ballad, Katastro closed out their performance with “Move Like Creatures”. The fans certainly moved around the floor with a musical well being, and appreciation of the band’s latest development.

With their latest release selling like hotcakes, it is only a matter of time before Katastro will be on tour in a city near you.

– Article & Photo by: Kris Siuta

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