Live: Long Beach Dub All Stars (2-11-12)

Live: Long Beach Dub All Stars (2-11-12)

Date: Saturday, February 11th 2012
Line up: Long Beach Dub All Stars
Location: Ashley’s. Long Beach, CA

Sat night, Feb 11th 2012. At an off the beaten path dive bar in Long Beach called Ashley’s, most of the former members of the veteran reggae rock scene band known as Long Beach Dub All Stars got together for what seemed like an impromptu jam session. Admission was free and the advertisement on the web-flyer simply stated “All Stars”. Other acts that played were LB natives: Perro Bravo and Burt Susanka and Friends (of the Ziggens).

Most of the members of LBDAS remain friends to this day and have been found jamming with one another from time to time in various projects. This has been the first time since their breakup in 2002 that most of the members were on stage and dedicated to performing Sublime/LBDAS songs. The 6 piece consisted of: Opie Ortiz – Vocals, Miguel Happoldt – Guitar, Marshall Goodman (Ras MG) – Drums, Jack Maness – Guitar/Vocals, Tim Wu – Sax, Ed Kampwirth (Suburban Rhythm) – Bass / Mike Long (Perro Bravo) – Bass.

The set consisted of 9 songs which at times blended into one another in true dub fashion. Ed played most of the set on bass and for the last few songs Mike was called up from the crowd to finish out the set. Every one of the lucky people that happened to be in the bar that night were definitely having a good time and singing along to favorites like 54/46, Ball and Chain and Scarlet Begonias. It was nice to hear the salt air filled with the long-time familiar sounds of reggae dub that put Long Beach on the map. There has been some talks of a few other shows in the works but nothing has been set in stone. Lets hope for the sake of music that another 10 years won’t go by before we see this again.

Following the show, Jack Maness told The Pier “We had a great time at Ashley’s bar, It brings back a lot of good memories playing music together. We will be playing more shows and introducing New material to our set as it continues to progress in a positive direction”

The Set List:
1. Astro Dub
2. 54/46 (dub version)
3. Ball and Chain
4. Front Line
5. Like That
6. Storm
7. DJs
8. Scarlet Begonias
9. Bandalero

Article & Photo By: David Foral