Live: One Drop & Fortunate Youth (11-17-12)

Live: One Drop & Fortunate Youth (11-17-12)

Date: Saturday November 17th, 2012
Line-up: One Drop & Fortunate Youth
Location: The Belly Up. Solana Beach, CA

As early as the doors open, fans could be seen wearing their favorite band’s tee shirt and merchandise. Once the clock dial turned to 9:00 PM, Fortunate Youth took immediate control of the early crowd present. A reggae party had begun, with everyone filling up the floor and dancing to their favorite songs.

Fortunate Youth’s front man, Dan Kelly was leading the night with his vocals, while James Alger was at the door greeting fans at the merchandise booth. A great sense of unity, camaraderie was felt all throughout the venue. As Fortunate Youth continued their performance, they reached the crowd favorite “Burn One”. Even Travi Bongo had to step aside from his trade bongo drums, to join Dan Kelly on vocals. All to the delight of the crowd, they joined in singing along, word for word.

Midway through their set, the entire venue could be seen dancing, skanking and enjoying the show. When Travi was asked, which was his favorite song of the night, “Burn one” was an easy answer. Several other band members took time to trade instruments with one another. Even Dan Kelly would slide over to give the wind chime a ring, with a smile all across his face.

“Sweet Love” was Fortunate Youth’s closing song, as Dan Kelly came in with a soft vocal intro. The entire band serenaded the venue into their last song of the night. Not to leave without the participation of fans, Dan Kelly wouldn’t end the song without everyone singing along.

All the while, a local painting artist was painting away at the bands side. Al Scholl, from San Diego began with a blank canvas. At our break point he was halfway done with his musically inspired painting of the night. A familiar artist to many, Al has been painting live at various local shows. Even all the way to this past year’s Cali Roots Festival in Monterey, CA.

As the tone of high energy was already set by Fortunate Youth, One Drop emerged sharply at 10:30PM to open with “If you only knew”. Once again the entire venue was glued to the floor to be front row for the nights headliner.

As One Drop began to take the Belly Up under their spell, a local photographer, Johann David of So Cal Photo, was seen taken to the stage. Personally invited by One Drop’s front man James Alger, he wanted to give another artist free reign at his craft. When Johann was asked about this opportunity, he remained speechless at the heart warming reception.

As One Drop continued on with their captivating performance, their lyrics spoke to everyone in the crowd. Songs like “I’m Sorry (but it’s over)”, which drew inspiration from past relationships. One Drop even took us on an educational journey with a song about a sailor with the track “1492”. John Roy (formerly of The English Beat) on sax and Tim Jameson on trumpet, joined the line up for the evening. They provided horns on “More Than a Landscaper”, giving a full, resonating sound.

When James was asked about the inspiration for the song, his response was that of a deep insight. While working with a local company, he found himself gazing out the window. Within the lyrics he expresses how there are no limits to ones potential. The sky is the limit and every opportunity should be taken. As can be seen with the way he welcomed artist, photographers and all.

The band left the stage momentarily, only to return to perform fan favorites for their encore. “Little Black Dress” was a crowd favorite, off of their debut album Mission Blvd, released in May 2008. With the closing song “She’s Gone”, James made sure to thank everyone in attendance that night. A night wouldn’t be complete without introducing the entire band to the audience. As One Drop left the stage, only to the applause of all in the Belly Up Tavern that night.

We had many first timers to the venue, experiencing all for their music for the first time. There was such energy from the start, all to the finish. Both of the bands really gave themselves to the crowd. There was a passion being shared from the artist themselves, to everyone in attendance that night. A sense of unity closed the night. Many came to support one band, only to fall in love with another. Some came to listen to music and were captured with live art.

Fortunate Youth Set List:
It’s all a jam
Reggae Radio
Jah Music
Burn One
The Dub
Love is
Dan’s Song
Sweet Love

One Drop Set List:
If you only knew
No more tears
The Last star
Sorry excuse
Hector Pieterson
The Carnival
Don’t you know
More then a landscaper
no good reason
You could be the one
Daniel in the lions den
One more chance
I’m sorry
Don’t drag me down
one more night
down under (cover)
little black dress
she’s gone

Article By: Edgar Gaytan
Photos By: Johann David

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