LIVE: Rebelution (11-18-11)

LIVE: Rebelution (11-18-11)

Date: Friday, November 18th, 2011
Line up: Rebelution
Location: Hollywood Park Racetrack. Inglewood, CA

Awaiting the arrival of Rebelution, Southern California fans drove from all over to catch an amazing set from the Santa Barbara rooted band. On Friday night, November 18th, Rebelution scheduled their solo show at the Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, CA. With Bob Marley songs closing out the wait, Rebelution was welcomed on stage by thousands of stoked fans ready to sing and vibe to the music.

They began their set with a dub intro with drumming by Wes Finley, before flashing the classic, “Attention Span” to the energetic crowd. Arms waved in the air as Rebelution fans heard the beginnings of the band’s first hit single, “Safe and Sound,” which pumped up both the band and the crowd. Bassist Marley Williams jammed out while moving around on stage in his usual fashion to the amazing sound.

Hands were in the air for the optimistic tune, “Bump” as lead vocals and guitarist Eric Rachmany rocked out on stage to the fans. After following up with the Courage to Grow hit, “Nightcrawler,” Rebelution played a new song from the soon to be released, Peace of Mind. With the uplifting words and sick sound, the crowd cheered for the new track titled, “Sky is the Limit.”

Eric recognized the band’s heart in Santa Barbara, CA and how thankful Rebelution is for the experience and support that came from the fans throughout the years. That is why they wanted to show their gratitude through the effort they put forth on the Peace of Mind album that will be released January 10, 2012. Rebelution will be releasing in addition to the album, two more albums, one acoustic and the other dub. Collaborations on the album, such as “Meant to Be” with Jacob Hemphill from SOJA, are just some of the perks of the new album to come. The band also shared “Meant to Be” Friday night with the massive crowd. The band has released this song as well as two others as free downloads which is just their way of saying thanks. The new tune is a great vibe with that classic positive and genuine loving sound.

Rebelution threw in a Bob Marley “Jamming” dub before doing a dub version of their own song, “Change the System. Continuing to show their skills in their dub abilities, Rebelution went into an extended version of “So High” with an addition of hip hop inspired lyrics from Eric. As the band played the beginning of the loved song, “Otherside,” the crowd joined Eric in singing the intro before the fans started waving their hands back and forth. Surprising the crowd, Rebelution brought on stage hip-hop artist, Fat Lip from The Pharcyde to bust out “Passin Me By” on a dub of “Otherside.” The Pharcyde originated in Los Angeles and needless to say, the Rebel fans loved the old school rap performed with the band as they sang right along.

Rebelution closed out their set by jumping around to the lively “Bright Side of Life.” After thanking everyone, they walked off stage to only have fans shouting for them to come back to play one more song.

Cheering for their return back on stage, the band marched out to an encore performing “Green to Black.” Loving the song and knowing that the set was almost over, the fans stayed on their feet and sang right along with the band. Rebelution changed it up with an acoustic guitar for Eric as he strummed out a Spanish medley before going straight into “Feeling Alright.” Always a fan favorite due to the band’s ability to create an emotional attachment to their music, the crowd jammed together to close out a great set for the night.

Rebelution will be playing their next show in Reno, Nevada for New Years Eve at the Grand Sierra Resort. Joining them will be Pep Love and Thrive before they get ready for their album drop, January 10th followed by their winter tour with The Green.

– Article by: Alyssa Torres
– Photos by: David Norris

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