Live: Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz (8-14-13)

Live: Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz (8-14-13)

Date: Wednesday, Aug 14th. 2013
Line Up: Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, Zion-I
Venue: Marymoor Amphitheater. Redmond, WA

Good Vibes exudes through the greater Seattle area- making fans feel alive with energy. The Good Vibes Tour came to Marymoor Amphitheater, in Redmond, WA August 14th. The lineup: Zion-I, Collie Buddz with New Kingston, Matisyahu and the headliner, Rebelution, brought the good vibes and a rain (literally) of positivity. Redmond, (just minutes East of Seattle) was the tours 6th city on a relentless tour schedule, showing just how much the groups appreciate their fans.

The venue, Marymoor Amphitheater, is a relatively small outdoor venue that was overflowing with fans. Show comers filled the con-caved hillside with blankets and chairs creating each fan’s own personalized view the show. Not so surprising for Seattle, partway through the show, the humidity filled air reached maximum saturation and rain began to fall from the sky. However, staying true to the Seattle way of life, rain did not deter anyone from soaking in the good vibes, and seemingly enhanced the show experience.

Certainly, the line up for this show was nothing short of sensational, leading off with the power packed lyrics dropped by Zion-I. Starting the show’s good vibes and elevating the atmosphere. After their set, Zumbi came out to visit with fans, signing and taking photos. Nate Carter, the manager for Zion-I, also added that “Marymoor was one of their top venues to visit on the tour.”

New Kingston followed and began the set, later being joined by Collie Buddz. They played, “No Woman No Cry”, giving tribute to the late legendary reggae artist, Bob Marley. The duo of the group New Kingston and Collie Buddz melded into a liveliness that the crowd fed off of. Fans sang along with “Come Around” and “Mamacita” in perfect lyrical verbiage showcasing their love for Collie Buddz’s music. Collie Buddz also performed, “Payback’s a Bitch”, newly released just this past April. When the song, “Blind to You”, was performed, Collie Buddz stepped down the stage to sing with the fans as they echoed the song’s lyrics. The group got the crowd so hyped up that many did not even disperse from the stage in order to get a prime viewing spot for Matisyahu.

Matisyahu burst on to the stage at dusk, in what can only be described as electric vigor, kicking off his set with, “Sunshine”. One fan, Laura, commented that hearing the song live, “made her entire night.” The amount of energy that Matisyahu had was not just kept to the stage, in an act only classified as sheer athleticism; he jumps into the crowd of adoring fans. The fans proudly hoisted him up and he even did flips across the crowd. Fans went crazy at this raw energy exploded into a frenzied fusion of music and excitement. Matisyahu was then joined on stage by Kosha Dillz who free-styled lyrics, giving props to the Pacific Northwest and showing Seattle love. In an ultimate gesture of appreciation, during the final song, “One Day”, Matisyahu brought a young fan on stage and within seconds, a large group of fans rushed the stage to join him as he finished the song.

As Matisyahu’s set ended, there was an air of excitement and anticipation for the headlining act. Fan, Gregor Troost explains, “Coming to a concert like the Good Vibes Tour makes me feel comfortable and alive, the people accept you no matter who you are and there is no judgment. I’m definitely coming back next year.” The exemplified vibes of positivity and love were transferred from Matisyahu and fans in a mutual exchange. As one, Victoria Hill, described of the performance given by Matisyahu, “I loved Matisyahu, he made me feel alive! Everyone is so friendly and happy- GREAT concert.”

Finally, the much anticipated group, Rebelution, took the stage as the night sky consumed the sun and with rain still falling. The crowd was ready. Rebelution kicked off the set, with “Green to Black”, with the dark sky as the back drop to the amazing light show that accompanied the music. They played many favorites from all three albums, although with a twist.

One element that is unique to Rebelution and showcases the depth of the band’s talent is the various ways they can play one song. This is done so flawlessly that it doesn’t change the song’s vibes, but creates different enhancements that keeps the show interesting, and engaging for fans. They create new sounds from the old by slowing down a portion of the beat of a song, or providing a solo.

Amazing solos came from the horns section of the group. Khris Royal captivated the crowd with his zealous saxophone solos. Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown mesmerized the audience as he gave a solo, showcasing the powerful notes of the trumpet. The horns added to the overall synergy of the music, and accompanied a powerfully impressive vocal wave by Eric Rachmany in perfect euphony.

Lead vocalist, Eric Rachmany even gave a shout out to the dedicated Rebelution fans in the Seattle area, saying,”[Seattle] was one of the first places that was down before Courage to Grow.” They certainly gave their fans a show worth talking about. Eric Rachmany was constantly switching between the electric and acoustic guitar and Marley Williams on the bass, grooved rhythmically while elevating the crowd’s excitement.

The positive vibes peaked at the showcasing of a NEW SONG, titled “Express to Destress”! Some of the latest tweets from the band and its members have alluded to new music which built even more anticipation from their fans. Rebelution, somehow, in the midst of all their touring, have found time to create new music. While the tour focuses on their latest album Peace of Mind, the group does give fans a bite of a preview of what is to come.

Last February, the single “Counterfeit Love” was released; which Rebelution performed during their set to an elated crowd. Although the biggest news was the playing of the song that has not yet been released!

The set ended with Rebelution performing, “Good Vibes”, expected at the Good Vibes tour. As they left the stage, the crowed demanded an encore, and Rebelution delivered. The finale encore was the song “So High”, featuring Zumbi of Zion-I, who came out and performed his lyrical solo.

The show ended, the lights went dim and the reality of rain set in as the fans made their way back to their rides. The magical evening was over, but as Zach Spieg described, “Straight positive vibes everywhere, you couldn’t have a bad time if you tried.” Everyone presumably had a night, enjoying the alive and vivid atmosphere brought on by the performing artists, along with the venue’s setting.

Rebelution (unconfirmed) Set List:
1.) Green to Black
2.) Sky is the Limit
3.) Dubzilla
4.) Attention Span
5.) Counterfeit Love
6.) Bump
7.) Lazy Afternoon
8.) Feeling Alright
9.) Bright Side of Life
10.) Safe and Sound
11.) *New Song*
12.) Closer I Get
13.) Suffering
14.) Lady in White
15.) Other Side
16.) Good Vibes
17.) So High
18.) Outta Control

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Article By: Melissa Cambra
Photos By: Amanda Zancanella

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