Live: Rebelution & The Green (2-17-12)

Live: Rebelution & The Green (2-17-12)

Date: Friday, February 17th 2012
Line up: Rebelution, The Green, Pep Love
Location: Hollywood Palladium. Los Angeles, CA

When you think of a Friday night in Los Angeles, California, images of city lights, traffic, and gorgeous sunsets come to mind, along with the hip atmosphere of young adults on a mission for a fun night out. The Hollywood Palladium was the exact location for reggae-rock lovers on Friday night. Chart-topping band Rebelution headlined the Palladium featuring fellow artists The Green and Pep Love, and the sold out Southern California crowd loved every minute of it.

With doors opening at 8:00pm, fans proudly rocked their Rebelution tees as they lined up early around the venue, which went nearly around the entire block. That Southern California lifestyle was represented in the fashion and mindset of the youth! Once 8:00 rolled around, fans were greeted into the Palladium with official merch and refreshments.

The Hollywood Palladium was built in 1940 and is full of musical history. With amazing Art Deco architectural style, the Palladium’s history includes artists such as The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Stevie Wonder. Walking through the theater is an experience of its’ own simply because of the vibes you get from the talent that has played there in the past.

Although the Palladium is over 70 years old, that means nothing on the sound quality of the theater and the pounding bass that it can withhold. Starting the night out with a little Northern California hip-hop was the perfect way to test the sound. Pep Love started off the night at 9:00pm. With a maximum capacity at 4,000 people, the crowd was already pretty packed in for the first set. Pep Love got the pace started as he shared that he was there to give the fans beats, lyrics, and a piece of his mind, on the Peace of Mind Tour.

By 9:45, The Green hit the stage. With the audience getting a little more crowded with more people rolling in, reggae fans were stoked to hear that irie sound. Getting the crowd to sway and head bob lifted them up to The Green’s level. They rocked out to their latest hits from Ways & Means and classic hits from their self-titled debut album, The Green.

The close out to The Green’s set left fans ready and anxious for Rebelution. Sound check at 10:37 for Eric’s electric and acoustic guitars got everyone shouting and whistling for more. At 10:55, the lights went out in the Palladium and this was the moment everyone was waiting for. With all of their amazing hit songs, they chose a classic to start the night out with: “Attention Span.”

The crowd happily sang along as they celebrated the band on stage. With roots from Santa Barbara and the song reminiscent of their college days, Rebelution belted out their hit tune with another follow up oldie but goodie, “Safe and Sound.” We may have even heard a little of the Amp Live Remix version blended in there.

“So High” played next before lead vocalist and guitarist Eric Rachmany shared with the crowd that they were going to play, “Old stuff, new stuff, and in between stuff.” “Sky is the Limit,” “Comfort Zone,” “Good Vibes” from the chart topping new album, Peace of Mind, followed up next on the set list. “Suffering” and “Bump” from the previous Bright Side of Life album featured Rachmany’s skilled guitar riffs which turned to the exclusive dub sound that Rebelution is just so awesome at. “Closer I Get” came on next, with Pep Love rockin’ the mic as Khris Royal shared some sick saxophone solos.

Eric switched to the acoustic guitar during “Feeling Alright” before pumping up the crowd with “Nightcrawler.” Rory jammed out on the keys as the band went into a dub version of the song. “Running” followed up with a dub mix of Bob Marley’s “Jamming” continued to show the range that Rebelution has to play their studio hits, and turn them into dub jams for the fans to enjoy.

“Meant to Be,” “Otherside,” “Bright Side of Life,” “Green to Black” made the set list for the rest of the night. Some of the hardcore fans of the new album, especially the dub album, said they heard the dub intro to “Lady in White!” The encore included “Outta Control” and the lovely “Lazy Afternoon” to close out the night.

The night just flew by with Rebelution fans celebrating the only Southern California show of the Peace of Mind Tour. A night full of good vibes and positives attitude brought everyone together to share a night full of great music in an awesome setting. And with reggae-rock stars Rebelution playing all of their hits, new & old, its just perfect for a night out in the city.

Article By: Alyssa Torres
Photos By: David Norris

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