Live: Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Hor!zen (12-31-11)

Live: Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Hor!zen (12-31-11)

Date: Saturday, December 31st, 2011
Line up:Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Hor!zen
Location: Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL

Slightly Stoopid’s New Years Eve Party was a memorable night. There is no better way to ring in the new year than to watch three truly talented bands “kill it” at an amazing venue for an appreciative audience. The all ages crowd was primed and ready to go celebrate, way before the doors even opened. At 7:30pm, the line went down the stairs of Hard Rock and followed along the lake for a block or so out the door. When the doors finally opened at 8:00pm the sea of Stoopid Heads, flooded into the venue.

Finally at 8:30pm out came Hor!zen, to start off new years eve right. The Orlando native, self proclaimed “Dirty South Dub Rockers” started strong. Hor!zen opened with their brand new single “2000 Miles,” a well written tribute to Sublime’s Bradley Nowell. The song cleverly uses various Sublime song titles as lyrics. The crowd was instantly hooked with the catchy references and shout outs to Slightly Stoopid and the Dirty Heads. As a special treat for their hometown crowd, Hor!zen had a couple special guests. Most notably was former Supervillains member Jonathan Cestero, aka Smally, accompanying them on saxophone the entire set. Also on the stage was Angela Hunte. She stakes her claim as the original co-writer of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” Angela beautifully sang back-up, adding more emotion , giving the band a very cool dissonance. In their 30 minutes of stage time Hor!zen played eight songs, seven of those were new! Hor!zen was a lot of fun to watch, and the perfect band to open for The Expendables and Slightly Stoopid.

After a very short break, the DJ announced Santa Cruz, California’s The Expendables. The Expendables rock out with an awesome fusion of reggae, rock, punk rock, and metal. It’s amazing how hard they shred while being so laid back on stage as they make it look easy and fun. It is obvious that these qualities positively affect the energy of the crowd. During their one hour set The Expendables played a solid 16 song set. A good mix of old and new songs. Front man Geoff Weers walked out, struck the first chord of “Let Loose” and the reggae rolled right on. Towards the end of the song when the song intensifies Geoff shouted “Let’s get f-in wild.” After the intro, the beginning of “Ganja Smuggling” echoed through the venue. Then it went right into “Positive Mind,” “Tight Squeeze,” and “Burning Up” . It was really interesting how this band “conducts” the audience. It is similar to a ride. They bring the audience up and down. After playing six hits The Expendables brought the most out of the crowd with “War Cry.”

There were several moments of interest during their set. After a killer version of “Sacrifice” that made the crowd boil over, they played “Trying to Focus” and when right into “Get What Need” with Kyle from Slightly Stoopid. Then The Expendables closed the set with a “Bowl For Two” sing-a-long. The band did not return for an encore but it only added to the suspense for the arrival of the new years eve headliners. After their breakdown, the cloth over Rymo’s drum set was removed and the stoopidness was about to begin.

Slightly Stoopid is one of the most unique live touring bands around. To be able to, on any given night, go and hear their crazy collage of music is almost magical. The sound that Slightly Stoopid creates together is unreal. Slightly Stoopid’s fusion of reggae, rock, blues, jazz, and punk, backed by the Ocean Beach sound is what makes them one of the most successful touring bands. No one can imitate their sound, it’s one of a kind and it’s another contributor as to why Slightly Stoopid has the fan following it does. These fans were out tonight and ready for a special Stoopid New Year party!

Slightly Stoopid did not disappoint. They played an approximate 30+ songs from 11:00pm to 1:00am. The set list was well planned with a excellent mix of songs from all parts of their extensive discography. From old songs to newer songs, dubs, to a few covers, they played it all. They opened with a brand new unnamed dub intro that flowed into “The Fruits” which moved directly to “Till It Gets Wet.” Slightly Stoopid had the crowd singing, swaying, and dancing, but not moshing. It was a real mellow crowd. People just enjoying the tunes and celebrating the New Year in Stoopid fashion.

Finally it was close to midnight. Stoopid played “Mr. Music” and “Collie Man.” It was looking as if it was close to a midnight break time, until Slightly Stoopid brought 2012 in with their old school classic “Operation.” Kyle and Miles jammed out front while Rymo was hitting heavy up on his drum set. The original three piece destroyed as 2011 ended and 2012 rolled in. The skull dropped, the balloons fell, and then Dela popped the champagne. There could not have been a better way to celebrate the new year as Stoopid took a well deserved short break, shook hands, hugged, and passed the champagne and “party favors” around.

Once again they opened their second set with another new sounding dub, ending the intro with “Zeplike.” The highlights of the second set included “Fat Sliffs,” ” Territorial Pissings” cover, “Sensimilla” and the “Leaving on a Jet Plane” ending. Slightly Stoopid took a quick break and came right back on for the encore set. Kyle started jamming while O.G. beat boxed a really cool version of “Couldn’t Get High.” The band played a few more tunes and ended with “Open Road” and a request of “No Cocaine,” featuring The Expendables. Miles kept the music going spitting for a minute at the end before finally ending their amazing set. They played for what seemed liked forever, and the crowd loved every minute of it. This show was truly something special!

– Article & Photos by: Aaron Solomon

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2000 Miles
Pants Hang Low
Just Another Gangster
Chasin’ paper (Brand New)
Camel Cigarettes
Put It In the Air
Warning (Brand New)

The Expendables:
Let Loose
Ganga Smuggling
Positive Mind
Tight Squeeze
Burning up
War Cry
My Way Out
One Drop
Trying to Focus > Get What I Need (with Kyle)
Corporate Cafeteria
Come Get High
Down Down Down
Bowl for Two

Slightly Stoopid:
Dub Intro > The Fruits
Till It Gets Wet
Way You Move
Ain’t No Reason To Go
Anywhere I Go
Glocks Dub
Everything You Need
Mr. Music
Collie Man
Operation (NYE Song)
— Break —
Dub Intro
Fat Spliffs
Closer to the Sun
Territorial Pissings
Baby I Like It
We Don’t Want to go
Leaving on a Jet Plane
— Break/Encore —
Couldn’t Get High – O.G. beat box
F You Eat Shit
I’m On Fire (cover)
Open Road
No cocaine (with The Expendables– extended)