LIVE: Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, and Katastro (2-4-16)

LIVE: Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, and Katastro (2-4-16)

Date: Thursday, February 4th, 2016 @ 8:00pm
Line Up: Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, and Katastro
Venue: The Neptune Theatre. University District, Seattle, Washington

LIVE: Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth and Katastro – 2.4.16

The Pacific Northwest has been packed with reggae rock shows for the first month of 2016 and the trend continues. Thursday night, February 4th, The Pier caught the Set In Stone Tour at The Neptune Theatre in the University District of Seattle, Washington. Before taking their mid-tour break, Stick Figure and their special guests, Fortunate Youth and Katastro, rocked out at numerous stops in the great PNW.

Stick Figure is currently midway through their Set In Stone Tour promoting their latest album of the same name. Scott Woodruff (frontman, singer, lyricist, and much more) started in 2006 as a one-man-band who has released all five previous albums with a DIY approach playing each instrument himself and laying them over one track at a time. The latest album, Set In Stone, continues to feature his solo talents and was recorded by Scott performing all instrument tracks again. Although he records everything on his own, Scott depends on some friends for band backing during live shows. The current live lineup features Scott, Kevin Bong (aka KBong; Keyboards/Vocals), Kevin Offitzer (Drums), Tommy Suliman (Bass), and Johnny Cosmic (aka John Gray; Keyboards/Backup Vocals/Guitar) who all tour with Scott and his dog, Cocoa.

The Pier previously caught up with Scott and Stick Figure prior to the release of their latest album. Scott discussed the band, upcoming tours (Slightly Stoopid’s Everything Is Awesome Tour at the time), his dog Cocoa, and the new album in depth (read the full article here).

Normally I write and record during my off time, ‘Choice is Yours’ is the only song I ever recorded while on the road. The track was inspired by a chord progression that I heard on tour. I made the beat and then recorded the whole thing on a laptop and this mini keyboard that we had in the bus.
– Scott Woodruff, Stick Figure (Guitar/Lead Vocals/Producer)

To get the crowd pumped up, Cocoa The Tour Dog came on stage a few minutes before the band (read The Pier’s article about Cocoa here). Shortly after, the crowd erupted to finally see the band they had been waiting for all night. After their “Welcome Intro”, Stick Figure’s set included numerous songs from the new album, Set In Stone, including “Fire On The Horizon”, “Sound Of The Sea”, “Weary Eyes”, “Shadow”, and closers during the encore “Smiles On Face” and “Smokin’ Love.”

Thursday’s set also included fan favorites from the 2009 album, Smoke Stack“Vibes Alive”, “Hawaii Song”, and “Thick N Thin”; and from the 2012 album, Burial Ground, “Breathe”, “Burial Ground”, “Coming Home”, and “Weight Of Sound.”

Prior to Stick Figure taking the stage to close out the night, attendees were treated to some fun from the Fortunate Youth fellas as well as the desert boys from Arizona, Katastro. Fortunate Youth opened up with “Pass The Herb” from their latest album, Don’t Think Twice, as well as “My Love” and “Midnight Lover” from the same album. The rest of the set spanned the bands career of popular tracks including “Jah Love”, “Love Is The Most High”, and “Sweet Love” from the 2012 album, Irie State Of Mind; “Burn One” from the 2010 Uplifted EP, of course with plenty of smoking and crowd participation; and “One Love” and “So Rebel” from the 2013 album, It’s All A Jam. The Hermosa Beach band closed out their set with “Peace, Love & Unity” from the same It’s All Jam record.

Katastro started off the night to smaller but excited crowd. Andy Chaves (Vocals) came out on stage exclaiming:

“I know this is a reggae show but let’s make it a hip hop show!”
– Andy Chaves (Vocals)

The intro received a mixed response from the crowd anticipating lots of reggae rock but Katastro quickly won over the crowd with their unique approach on reggae blended strongly with hip hop. To do so, Andy and the rest of the band put together a set list that included “Voices” and “Sweet Tangerines” from the 2014 album, No Mud No Lotus; plus two songs from the 2011 album, Gentle Predator EP, were bookends for the set as they opened with “Alone” and closed with “Fallen.” One of the highlights of Katastro’s set was “When I’m Snoop”, the bands take on covering “G Thang” by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg.

After their set, Fortunate Youth members could be found throughout the venue enjoying the rest of the show by Stick Figure. Corey (Guitar/Bass/Keys), aka Corndog, was seen hanging out in the sound booth during most of Stick Figure’s set while Dan (Vocals), Jered (Keys/Bass), and Travi Bongo (Percussion) were all seen mingling with fans in the bar.

The Neptune Theatre provided a classy backdrop for the show. The historic 90 year old venue (circa 1921) that was once a single-screen cinema has been converted to one of Seattle’s premier music venues. Seats are removed to provide ample floor space up-front with tiered levels stepping up in back for the audio booth and bar. Upstairs, attendees can relax with the theater-style seating on the curved balcony. No matter where attendees choose to enjoy the show, there is bound to be a great view.

The guys have one more stop in California on the 13th before getting a much needed break. The tour has hit a total of 8 states during their first month, mostly in the Southwest. After their break, Stick Figure and their guests continue with the second leg of the Set In Stone Tour starting March 11th and ending April 17th after hitting another 18 states.

IMG_7976Stick Figure Set-List:
Welcome Intro
Fire On The Horizon
White Fire
Vibes Alive
Thick N Thin
Sound Of The Sea
Weary Eyes
Burial Ground
Coming Home
Choice Is Yours
Cosmic Intro
Weight Of Sound
Hawaii Song
Songs Of Yesterday
Smiles On Faces
Smokin’ Love

IMG_7661Fortunate Youth Set-List:
Pass The Herb
My Love
Jah Music
Midnight Lover
Burn One
Love Is The Most High
One Love
So Rebel
Sweet Love
Peace, Love & Unity

IMG_7654Katastro Set-List:
When I’m Snoop
Sweet Tangerines
Show Me The Road

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Article, Photos and Videos By: Eric Schoep

Watch: Stick Figure – “Weight of Sound”

Watch: Fortunate Youth – “Burn One” (smoking intro)

Watch: Katastro – “When I’m Snoop” (Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg Cover)
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