Live: Tribal Seeds, Stranger, HI Roots (8-24-12)

Live: Tribal Seeds, Stranger, HI Roots (8-24-12)

Date: August 24th 2012
Line up: Tribal Seeds, HI Roots, DJ Carlos Coulture
Location:Wavehouse. San Diego, CA

It isn’t difficult to understand why so many people choose to elope, vacation, or live in San Diego, California. There are the beaches, the parties, the surf, the weather, the outdoor venues, The Wavehouse, and the Reggae Beach Party featuring Tribal Seeds, Stranger, and HI Roots.

Imagine a venue that is literally steps from the Pacific ocean, covered in sand, and back dropped by the world famous man-made wave for your bodyboarding and surfing pleasure. Mix a bit of acclaimed San Diego reggae into the pot, and it is nothing but a sure fire way to double sell out an entire venue, create a melting pot of reggae lovers coming from all parts of the country, and create an entirely different party on the bordering Mission Bay Boardwalk in Sunny San Diego, CA.

The Wavehouse is an ideal venue, catering to the life that comprises the San Diego Beach scene. Several outdoor tiki bars, outdoor fire-pits for warmth on the cool summer nights, and plenty of standing and seating general admission.

The evening featured three native San Diego acts with HI Roots, Stranger, and Tribal Seeds. To keep up with the music, DJ Carlos Culture of San Diego had the one’s and two’s on lock, spinning our favorite 311, SOJA, Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, and Ooklah the Moc jams all night.

Hawaii bred and San Diego living, HI Roots opened the stage for the night. To consider HI Roots as a reggae band doesn’t seem fitting, though their music has a unique way of mingling with virtually any genre. HI Root’s mixture of electronic, pop, free-flow, hip-hop, balanced by rich vocals from lead vocalist. Andrei Galvez. is setting the pace for HI Roots to continue to grow and expand, creating major success this year.

Aaron and Don of Stranger provided the horns section for HI Roots “Pretty City Lights”, the title track off their newly released summer EP, “Pretty City Lights”.

Polynesian Underground, a large figure in the San Diego Island reggae scene supports and manages HI Roots, assisting in spreading HI Roots talent across the state, as well booking HI Roots on unique San Diego bills. Ranging from DJ Quik, to The Green, to Katchafire, HI Roots has the ability in fitting in with any category.

Following HI Roots, Stranger played the second 35 minute set. Stranger, who are born and raised San Diego boys play their music all across San Diego County, and have established a loyal fan-base through out the reggae scene. Stranger’s positive musical message, and instrumental energy and talent defines Stranger as a band. Individually, the group is involved in the San Diego community and always out supporting fellow artists in the scene. There is no anticipation for a national Stranger tour, however with terms of ability and potential to grow, there is no doubt that it could be a considerable future.

Headlining the sold out Wavehouse hometown show, Tribal Seeds, drew out the entire San Diego reggae family that is continuing to grow and expand with each show. Tribal Seeds set was everything a Tribal Seeds and reggae fan could hope for. Their thoughtful lyrics, and sophisticated layered sound effects in combination with the additional impeccably timed horn section made their set both mesmerizing and memorable. The backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, and warm San Diego air was the ideal conditions for the night. Capping their set, Tribal Seeds played an extended dub version of their song Run the Show which carried on for over ten minutes.

Tribal Seeds featured horn section was composed of Sono Vero and Beyond-I-Sight band members. Eric Hirschhornk, saxophonist for Sono Vero displayed deep appreciation for his opportunity to work alongside Tribal Seeds, who he considers one of the hardest working reggae bands on earth.

Tribal Seeds lead vocalist Steven Jacobo, humbly expressed his excitement for the entire night, explaining the long journey and endless work that is consistently put in. Jacobo, coming from San Diego, had been looking forward to playing his favorite venue, the San Diego Wavehouse, the entire summer.

Adding a horn section to Tribal Seeds set was a relatively experimental medley test-run. Jacobo noted his horns influence stemming from Burning Spear. Tribal Seeds who will be departing for their second national tour of the year. The Night & Day tour, titled after new track scheduled for release August 28th 2012, will be touring the nation with BallyHoo!.

The Night & Day Tour is another example of the collaborations that are beginning to spring up more often. Despite Ballyhoo! and Tribal Seeds distinct night and day differences, they are both part of the Reggae-Rock community.

Kevin Bong, former HI Roots bassist, and current keyboardist for Stick Figure provided insight into the support and community feeling that the reggae scene has for one another. Bong noted the importance of creating a community which allows for more collaborations and expanding musical talents between different groups. Bong is ecstatic to be releasing his first solo album, “Hopes and Dreams”, with talent support from Stick Figure’s Todd Smith, and Stranger’s Nolan Clark.

In the mix of unfamiliar faces, the familiar faces always stand out. Seen along in the mix-up was lead singer of Stick Figure, Scott Woodruff and Evan Hawkins, lead singer of Through The Roots, who earlier this year was on national tour with Tribal Seeds. In addition, Owen Guyan, who MC’d the main stage at the California Roots Festival was happy to see familiar faces and enjoying his time off from his busy schedule. His gratitude for the media sources that come out to the shows and promote and create a buzz around the scene was noted and appreciated.

Granted with an all access pass allows the opportunity to chat and mingle with the people behind the scenes of the shows, one of which being the driver for Tribal Seeds tour bus, George. George had been working as a security guard at a punk venue in San Diego where he first met Tribal Seeds and their relationship grew from there. George’s sentiment for his work was inspiring in the notion of following your dream, as his was always to be a tour-driver for a national touring band.

Reggae music has a tendency to bring out the love in people, Liz and Dan Webster came from Seattle to San Diego to celebrate their honeymoon, beach-side with Tribal Seeds. Between sets, their was a proposal in front of the entire crowd (the gentleman was more than happy and relieved that his lady said Yes).

The night provided top-notch, well prepared musicians, playing in their hometown along their home ocean with familiar and new faces, all coming together for the same purpose. Their passion for the music.

HI Roots Set List: 8:30pm -9:05pm
1. 808
2. Gone
3. No Ack
4. Gangstas Paradise
5. Feeling
6. If You Knew
7. In Control
8. Pretty City Lights ft. Aaron and Don(Stranger)
9. Blaze Ft. David (Stranger)

Stranger Set List: 9:30pm -10:05pm
1. Hello Hello
2. Now is the time
3. Tomorrow never comes
4. Royalty
5. All yours
6. Skankin in the dark
7. The only one
8. You got it
9. Under control

Tribal Seeds Set List: 10:30pm-Midnight
Love Psalm
The Garden>> Horns
In Your Eyes>> Horns
All I Know
Beautiful Mysterious
Dawn of time
One Draw
Island Girl
Night & Day
Dark Angel
Medley (Horns)
Run the Show (Dub)

Article By: Allie Gordon
Photo By: David Norris

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