Live: Tribal Seeds, TBS, Fortunate Youth, TTR (4-28-12)

Live: Tribal Seeds, TBS, Fortunate Youth, TTR (4-28-12)

Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2012
Line up: Tribal Seeds, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Fortunate Youth, Through The Roots
Location: Valley View Casino Center. San Diego, CA

To me, there is nothing more inspiring or beautiful then seeing people do what they love, and living their dream. Live concerts are a sure bet of being surrounded by people who are doing exactly that. From the fans coming to the show, singing along to their favorite song, dancing till their feet hurt, to the musicians on stage creating the music, rehearsing, as well as bringing the energy to keep the fans engaged. As a result, the entire experience’s foundation is passion.

The night was full of new music from each band, and new styles on the scene. The sound was on point at the venue, and the music sounds clearly touched all reggae fans, as well as first timers. As I was out meandering in the crowd in between sets, fans feedback fed my soul, and it is easy to see how why the bands love what they do so much.

From girls up front exclaiming that “this is my first reggae show ever, and I swear to god I will never miss a Reggae show ever, ever again” followed by a “We’re here to see Tribal Seeds, SAN DIEGO BORN AND RAISED”. This being an all ages show, really lifted any restraints of the fan base. Seen all throughout the night were members of San Diego’s HI Roots, as well as Rory of Rebelution. It was a backstage party like I had never seen before, and the energy and dancing was nonstop throughout the entire venue.

Keeping the music together the entire night was also San Diego’s local DJ Carlos Culture, who mixes the hottest tunes, tuning into the audience, picking up on what they want to hear, and going from there. Catching up with him backstage, Carlos had nothing but positive words to say for the musicians that took the stage, and is looking forward to the summer and being involved in the San Diego reggae scene.

Undoubtedly, San Diego’s reggae scene is still alive and growing. Reggae musicians from all over the country have transplanted to San Diego to focus on their music and expand to a larger fan base that exists in San Diego. Any given day of the week, one is more than likely to find a live reggae show. With no exceptions, The So Cal Reggae Fest on Saturday April 28th, again reiterated why we love San Diego, and the reggae-rockers coming to us from Southern California.

The venue, Valley View Casino center, formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena, is located roughly 10 minutes outside of San Diego’s of Downtown. Pictures of Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, Christina Aguilera, Barbara Streisand and hundreds more line the venues circular perimeter.

Headlining the venue Saturday was San Diego’s own reggae legends, Tribal Seeds. The fan base and effort that Tribal Seeds has put in the past years to bring them to headlining one of the largest venues in San Diego was displayed Saturday night. Tribal Seeds set was filled with songs dating back to “Beautiful Mysterious” from their first album, to “Come around”, to “In your eyes”, to their newest material “Did you wrong”.

Towards the end of Tribal Seeds set, special guest, E.N Young came on stage and rocked the stage with Tribal Seeds, jamming out on his melodica that he works so well. A special surprise at the end of their set, was the proposal of marriage from Tribal Seeds, Tony Ray, to his now fiancée which was quite a way to end the night on a high note of love.

Leading up to Tribal Seeds, San Diegans were blessed with four other reggae groups, each whose music was unique from one another. Tomorrows Bad Seeds, San Diego’s Through the Roots, Fortunate Youth, and north San Diego’s Irieside kept it together from start to finish. Aside from the excitement of the musicians to play this venue, and the fans to see their favorite musicians live, I looked forward to seeing groups I had only heard, but never had the chance to see live before.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds music transmits a high energy, kickass rock-reggae feel through the speakers, and live on stage, the boys of TBS are no exception to the sound. The group displayed a lot of enthusiasm on stage with running, jumping, and straight partying during their set, while doing what they came to do, play the music.

Fortunate Youth packs a punch with their sound and music anytime they hit stage, and like the other groups, Saturday was no exception. Dan Kelly has a way of swooning over the mic, while being held up by the instrumentals and fans.

Also spotlighting the night was Through the Roots who will be joining Tribal Seeds on their Summer Vibes tour that kicks off on May 11th at the Launchpad in New Mexico. Each band member loves what they are doing, and dedicates time and passion to creating their music. This was Through the Roots largest venue played in San Diego yet, and like Tribal Seeds, will just continue to rise up and be noticed.

The Pier is so grateful to be involved in this reggae scene, and myself being a local San Diegian, born and raised on this music, it is more than exceptional to see what the musicians are doing with their music and with their fans. There are a lot of shows that are coming up in the next couple of months, and it is a continuous blessing to be a part of the scene that is swarming with creative minds, hard work, passion, and love.

Article By: Allie Gordon
Photos By: David Norris