Locos Por Juana Releases Their Most Personal Recording To Date

Locos Por Juana Releases Their Most Personal Recording To Date

Locos Por Juana has released their newest single from their forthcoming album and the title track “Redemption.”

Adding a throwback sound to their signature “that island swing” on the new single, Dean Fishback (Keys) explains, “It is a classic 80’s “Black Uhuru” style reggae, militant and triumphant.” And like the roots reggae forefathers, “Redemption” hits on themes of healing and hope. Mark Kondrat guitarist reflects, “After all that has happened in the last few years, It’s time for our Redemption as a band, as fathers, as citizens of this Earth and as a world. This song is our Redemption… ”

The new song was composed and recorded with the intent to be the opening interlude on the new album, however, inspiration struck the lead singer, and songwriter, Itawe. He says, “I was inspired to talk about my addiction to drugs and alcohol. And how through my higher power I conquered life. It’s an inspiration to give hope to people to love themselves and self-healing through music and meditation.”

“The idea came through during my recovery. We started when Mark (guitar) sent me the track and I started writing my personal journey to where I am today.” He continues, “It’s my personal story. I felt it was necessary to tell people the truth about my life. I felt I needed it to make amends to all our fans and to all the people and families that suffered through this process.”

The new album is due out later this year, and we can’t wait to hear it! In the meantime check out the first single “Mundo en Llama” the Locos Por Juana remix of the Stick Figure’s “World on Fire”:


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