Long Beach Dub Allstars – Echo Mountain High (Album Review)

Long Beach Dub Allstars – Echo Mountain High (Album Review)


Long Beach Dub Allstars giving us their highs and lows keeping it real all the way through this mad compilation of music mixing it up with reggae, rock, punk, dub, and Ska it feels so right all the way. These gents are the true pioneers and formerly known Sublime Band Members. This is a beautifully produced album, and the band is telling their story of life, love, and the good times. 

Killer collaborators jumped on this one including Chris Dowd (Fishbone), Devin Morrison (Expanders/Man Like Devin), Jesse Wagner (Aggrolites), and Philieano (Doobie Raider). Long Beach Dub Allstars bassist Edwin Kampwirth elaborated, “After the pandemic, I honestly didn’t know what the future held for the band. The way Opie, myself and the crew came together to work on this really blew my mind.  Everyone got busy, did their parts, and treated these songs with love and respect. To me, Echo Mountain High is the wild album that needed to happen.  We took some chances, broke down some barriers and now the floodgates are open.”

The whole album is so smooth, but I always have my favorites! “Preacha” (Ft. Philieano) ska blending with reggae rock this is mad track straight from the 80’s Ska, totally down with this nod to injustices in this insane world! Check out the new video https://lbda.ffm.to/echomtnhigh

Anthony Turrietta to direct the video “Preacha,” the current single from the record. Vocalist Opie Ortiz explains, “The idea came from watching the Superbad movie and the “Sabotage” Beastie Boys video. I had given Tony the concept of certain players in the band playing certain occupations and abusing their powers. We put a spin on it with a comical video where me and Roger are police, Ed and Miguel are teachers and professors, Gil is a priest, Jesse from Aggrolites is a judge. No one was hurt or mistook anyone for real police but that would have been funny. The whole time filming we were having a blast.”

As for the song itself, Ortiz explains, “The “Preacha” track came together when we were digging for ideas and Ed sent a demo that was really old with a bunch of other tracks. The “Preacha” demo was insane, it sounded like a scary circus! So, me and my brother Philieano went down to 17th Street Studios with Lew and did the demo for the band to check out. I have that first demo and still love it to this day! The song features Philieano, my younger brother who I’ve worked with on numerous projects.”

“Up on the Land” the seventh track also my other fav starts out, “I can hear the waves breaking” they had me lock and key! Top five albums this year and I haven’t even gone through the whole album yet! Not kidding this is an album I have been waiting for the soul, guts, and glory of this album delivers the residual life experiences of the band, their history as music pioneers with no fear to navigate their own path with no regrets. 

Getting back to the album, “Starting to Believe” a psychedelic mind trip, reminiscent of The Doors, a very inquisitive tale about bringing yourself back to “Life’s infinite flow”. “Duppies”, “Somewhere” and more so much fun and letting go that’s the vibe you’ll get here. This world is so serious all the time, and self-consumed with non-sense, these guys are setting it straight! I think we could learn from them, so stop and take a listen and take it all in my friends! 

Review by: Suzanne Sanchez