Snoop Dogg Reggae Album!?

Snoop Dogg Reggae Album!?

Snoop Dogg has teamed up with this talented duo, to create his first reggae album. Several different videos have popped up on Youtube of Snoop Dogg in Jamaica. One video shows Snoop’s convoy of vehicles downtown, surrounded by a mob of Jamaicans. A second shotty video from February 29th, shows Snoop getting down with the locals, participating in a traditional Jamaican Nyabinghi Ritual. Possibly enhancing his understanding of the culture and gaining insight for the upcoming album.

Another video shows Snoop spreading the love at ESPN studios wearing a Jamaican Rasta tam, and a Bob Marley necklace. There is even one video posted of Snoop burning one down in honor of Bob Marley’s birthday, in which Snoop announces that , the upcoming Rasta release will be title, Reincarnated – Peace, Love & Soul.

Despite the obvious visual signs that have been posted of Doggfather’s irieness, the superstar is keeping pretty quiet about the release. However, Diplo of Major Lazer, has not followed suit. On March 1st, Diplo posted a picture on facebook of him smoking with Snoop, saying “18 records deep on this Snoop Dogg project…I don’t think the world is ready ….”

At the end of March, the DJ also said in a comment to MTV, “Snoop Dogg is an icon, man; he’s bigger than the music…What we’re doing is a reggae record. It’s like Snoop Dogg and Major Lazer together. It’s all reggae and he’s singing and he’s doing a fucking awesome job and I never knew it, but he had his heart in every song. … We’re going to get back into the production of it next month, and I’m really proud of that record. It’s the first record I’ve ever executive-produced and his crew is amazing.”

This is truly exciting news! Snoop Dogg is one of the only mainstream artists that could switch to the reggae genre and please, not only the radios, but the hardcore reggae fans as well. Snoop himself has said “It’s a project where it’s more about the element of surprise, but at the same time it’ll be talked about in due time…It’s special; it’s a real special project to me because it’s like the reincarnation and the birth of me becoming who I really am…I never really knew who I was through the music. I was always a very peaceful, kind, loving, caring individual and making music to symbolize that sometimes never was my key.”

Dre Skull seems to be on the deal. On March 5th Dre Skull posted a picture of him and Snoop smoking, commenting “6am at studio after wrapping up two weeks of recording with Snoop Dogg.” Dre Skull also posted what seemed to be a live picture of Bunny Wailer. Could the reggae legend be involved on this project too?! In fact many big names have reportedly been seen around the island. There is speculation that Alicia keys, Akon, Popcaan, and Stephen & Damian Marley could all be involved.

There is not much information out on this project, but from what has gathered from snooping around the internet (hahaha), this album seems like a huge deal, all the collaborations. Although he’s not the first hip hop artist to dabble in Reggae, Mos Def has made his presence known playing with the likes of the Marleys as has NAS who put out an entire album & tours with Damian Marley. Plus anyone recall the bootleg version of Sublime’s “Doin’ Time” that had what sounded like scratch vocals courtesy of Snoop Dogg? Search the web, its out there.

Snoop Dogg’s upcoming 12th solo album, Reincarnated – Peace, Love & Soul, is currently set for a summertime release, and with its copious amount of legendary collaborations, this is album is surly going to be everyone’s summer jam. Look for more information to come from!

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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