March 2013 Album Releases

March 2013 Album Releases

Spring is on its way this month & it’s time to get back in the groove of warmer vibes with some new reggae tunes. This month delivers vinyl, a highly anticipated full-length, and a few EPs. Be sure to check out these five new releases dropping through out March!

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    March 2013 Album Releases

    Kayavibe – Red EP
    Release Date: March 5th
    After releasing a single every week for the past seven weeks, Kayavibe’s Red EP is officially out in digital form. Recorded in Orlando’s Sound Lounge Studios with the help of Greg Sheilds and Mike Stebe, the Red EP features Nate Anderson, from Junkie Rush, on sax for three tracks, as well as Tom “T Rex” Moultonfrom The Supervillains adding lead on “Turn Around” and keys on three songs. Kayavibe will release physical copies of the Red EP starting March 23rd at their CD release party at Sanford FL’s West End Trading Co.

    Read more about Kayavibe’s Red EP by clicking HERE!

    Kimié Hawaii – To The Sea
    Release Date: March 5th
    After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Hawaii born singer-songwriter Kimié has released her new album independently, and without a label. The new EP, To The Sea, features seven tracks including “Shame on You,” a single that reached number one on radio stations in Hawaii. The EP is now available on all major digital outlets.

    For more information check out

    Slightly Stoopid & Fishbone – Green Vinyl
    Release Date: March 5th
    Slightly Stoopid and Fishbone have release a 7″ Vinyl collaboration. This limited release features the track “Ska Diddy” from Slightly Stoopid’s 2012 release Top Of The World on side A. A track which features Angelo Moore of Fishbone. Pressed on side B is a brand new song from Fishbone, the tune “Whipper Snapper”, which will appear on the group’s upcoming release Intrinsically Intertwined. This deluxe single, molded on special green-colored vinyl, is a must have for any fan of smooth-jamming fusion!

    Fans can pick up the record here.

    Fortunate Youth – It’s All A Jam
    Release Date: March 19th
    After a nonstop national touring schedule in 2012, Fortunate Youth managed to squeeze in valuable time with the legendary SoCal producer, Lewis Richards at the infamous 17th Street Recording Studios. The results; the upcoming album titled, It’s All a Jam. A full album containing 12 songs with guest appearances from Steffano Lasso from Red Bredren and a few others. Lead singer and frontman for Fortunate Youth, Dan Kelly, shared his thoughts on the recording process: “The recording process with this Fortunate Youth album is different from the other albums in the that we made it specifically for our listeners. We took the next album like the pros do, and really thought through pre-production before we went into the studio. The Instrumental part of the album was already fully laid out before we even went into the studio because our guys worked so hard in the pre-production stage.”

    Josh Heinrichs – Rooftop Sessions EP
    Release Date: March 26th
    Josh Heinrichs is set to drop his newest EP, titled “Rooftop Session.” Almost a year since releasing any sort of album or EP, this Midwest reggae artist is ready to put out a 5-song EP for all to enjoy. Rooftop Session was recorded and produced in Branson, Missouri at Roller Pro Recording. Discussing the EP Josh told The Pier: “The recordings are pure and honest, no crazy overdubbing or effects we cannot recreate in a live show. This way our live show sounds exactly like the record. This is my favorite way to record.”

    Read more about Josh Heinrichs’s upcoming EP by clicking HERE!

    Article By: Aaron Solomon