Matisyahu Returns with New Album Announcement

Matisyahu Returns with New Album Announcement

Reggae improvisational-jam sensation Matisyahu has been hard at work crafting the follow-up effort to his album Akeda from 2014 over the past several years. The wait is now over, as the Grammy-nominated artist is pleased to reveal what he is calling his “most courageous release to date and lyrically his most vulnerable” -– the new album, entitled Undercurrent, will be available for release May 19th via Fallen Sparks.

It’s safe to say that Matisyahu has been in the constant process of growing musically as well as spiritually over the last thirteen years following his initial album release in 2004 and the Grammy-nominated Youth in 2006. His most recent effort, Akeda, from three years ago, Matisyahu Livewhich featured several guest appearances including Collie Buddz and Zion I, was greeted with a warm reception by many and featured the always-artistic creativity that has been a focal point for his music for years, while drawing from his ever-growing spiritual walkabout.

His self-proclaimed message stated on the Pledge Music website during the announcement of the forthcoming album reveals he had been embarking on an inward journey for quite some time:
“The journey has been private and public. The journey has at times been explicitly external, even while being driven by internal change.”

Now, nearly thirteen years after the release of his first studio record, Matisyahu and his band have done something unmatched in his past repertoire; they have crafted that journey into a musically thematic eight-song-movement.

The track-listing reveal seems to suggest more of the same and while staying true to Matisyahu’s roots of being able to jam for days, as several of the songs will clock-in at just around 10 minutes. Matisyahu also worked with Pledge Music to release updates in staggered shifts dating back to March 31 in which the first single, “Step Out into the Light” dropped for free to each fan who participated in the pre-order of the forthcoming album. The single is featured as the first track on Undercurrent and will set the tone nicely for the record, as the song contains plenty of attention-grabbing instrumentals and hip-hop-driven head-nods for the listener to enjoy.

Fans also have the ability to receive the second track and single — “Back to the Old” — featuring a relaxing vibe with a piano-centric introduction and some deep bass-line throughout. Fire these tracks up and hear for yourself by listening below!

Pre-order Undercurrent by Matisyahu on iTunes by clicking HERE!, and be sure to check out the various pre-order bundle options that are available via Pledge Music at the link below.

Matisyahu – Undercurrent Track-list:
undercurrent album cover1.) Step Out into the Light
2.) Back to the Old
3.) Coming up Empty
4.) Bsp: Blue Sky Playground
5.) Tell Me
6.) Forest of Faith
7.) Head Right
8.) Driftin’

Matisyahu on Tour:

In addition to the anticipated release of Undercurrent, 2017 is shaping up to be an eventful year for Matisyahu on the road as well — he can be found touring sporadically through July. Notable events on the radar include a set at the acclaimed California Roots Festival on Day 1 (May 26), as well as Electric Forest (Rothbury, MI), San Diego Oysterfest (San Diego, CA), Candler Park Music and Food Festival (Atlanta, GA) and a show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas June 29. Check out the full listing of tour dates below – don’t sleep on these tickets!


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Article By: Brian Glaser
Photo By: David Norris

Listen: Matisyahu – “Step Out into the Light”