Matisyahu’s Spark Seeker

Matisyahu’s Spark Seeker

Liberating himself from the traditional Hasidic garb that set him apart so successfully, Matisyahu is now set to release his fourth studio album, Spark Seeker, a record with a sound as different as his new look.

Dropping July 17th through Matisyahu’s Fallen Sparks Records, Spark Seeker, is the 13 track product of a yearlong collaboration with multi-platinum producer Allan “Kool Kojak” Grigg. Known for his work with Flo Rida, Master P, Three 6 Mafia, Nicki Minaj, and Travis Barker, just to name a few.

In late 2011 Matisyahu told press, ”I met a young producer out of L.A. named Kojak, who’s part of a team — Dr. Luke’s team. Really Top 40 guy, you know pop radio. And we hit it off and started writing celebratory, light, accessible, fun songs – obviously with meaning and with my tilt to it and my vibe and all that, but just fun – really more of a light-hearted record.”

The infamous producer helped to create a modern – hip-hop oriented collection of tracks, that still contains the deep melodic streak one would expect from Matisyahu. During the ten day recording session in Israel, Matisyahu opened the door to a vast group of talented musicians to write, jam, and just play music. Zohar Fresco, Daniel Zamir, Ravid Kahalani and rapper Shyne all aided in the collaboration.

In his press release Matisyahu explains, “We began to blend all of this live instrumentation to create a unique record, made by multi-faceted human beings who have many sides and many sources of inspiration.”

Spark Seeker, is a brave new studio album that allows the unique singer- songwriter to exploring uncharted territory with help from gifted artists from around the world. The record “mixes ancient traditional sounds with futuristic electro beats, rapping with singing, and songs of the spirit with songs of the body… It has a depth to it as well as a lightness, which alludes to the most essential theme of the record–that everything in life, especially music, exists in mixtures and blends.”

The upcoming album is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. In promotion of Spark Seeker, Matisyahu has a very special offer! One person who buys Spark Seeker between now and July 31st will win an acoustic performance in their living room!

With another album said to be in the works, and a full summer tour with the Dirty Heads in full swing, Matisyahu is busy man, this is a once in a lifetime chance. Fans have relatively good odds, get your copy NOW!

Matisyahu – Spark Seeker:
1.)Crossroads (Feat. J. Ralph)
2.) Sunshine
3.) Searchin
4.) Buffalo Soldier (Feat. Shyne)
5.) Fire of Freedom
6.) Bal Shem Tov
7.) I Believe In Love
8.) Breathe Easy
9.) Summer Wind
10.) Live Like A Warrior
11.) Tel Aviv’n
12.) King Crown of Judah (Feat. Shyne and Ravid Kahalani)
13.) Shine On You

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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