Members of Stick Figure, SOJA and Three Legged Fox form supergroup Algorhythm

Members of Stick Figure, SOJA and Three Legged Fox form supergroup Algorhythm

What do you get when you combine Stick Figure, SOJA, and Three Legged Fox? The “algorhythm” for the hottest up and coming new band. So, who is Algorhythm? Consisting of grammy award winning Trevor Young of SOJA, Kevin Offitzer of Stick Figure, and Kyle Wareham of Three Legged Fox, Algorhythm is the new reggae supergroup on the scene.

First thing to know, make sure you get that spelling right, because as Trevor has told me himself, it is constantly being spelled incorrectly. “Gotta get that spelling right though!! Haha…it’s the hardest fucking single word band name to spell in existence. I literally am gonna make a shirt that has the 5 other ways it’s been spelled wrong…them all crossed out and the right way in bold.” Okay guys, we got you!

A mere seven months ago this group of extremely talented musicians was put together by Brandon Pescrille, an experienced tour manager and the band’s current manager. Brandon has previously tour managed SOJA, Stick Figure and Three Legged Fox and has known the guys for many years. It was Brandon who suggested to them that they should get together and start a new band. He even named the band himself! I asked Brandon how he came up with the name and he told me “I would be on calls with managers, and they would just keep talking about the algorithm over and over, and I got sick of hearing about it. I said to myself fuck the algorithm. Humans are the algorithm, the rhythm of life.”

Initially Trevor, Kevin, and Kyle had the idea to jam out and have fun playing covers, but once they started playing, the original music began flowing. In the brief time Algorhythm has been a band they have already released three singles, three music videos, and had their premiere at the Sugarshack Stage at Reggae Rise Up Florida. The band made their official debut during Reggae Rise Up weekend with four different shows.


Check out “Good Life” Below!

On a radiant, sunlit Florida morning prior to the gates opening on day two of Reggae Rise Up, I was fortunate enough to be at Algorhythm’s first ever live performance aboard Pier Dolphin Cruises. Located in St Petersburg, Florida, Pier Dolphin Cruises does a lot of VIP sessions for bands touring in the area. Definitely do not miss the opportunity to attend one of these unique VIP sessions if you get the chance. You can follow them on Instagram at @pier_dolphin_cruises. While drifting around the bay surrounding the Reggae Rise Up grounds, the band ran through the set of original songs they would be playing that night for their Sugarshack set along which a bunch of really fun covers, all while we took in the spectacular views on the open water. Trevor laughed as he told the fans he covers female songs better than male songs before he sang a fantastic reggae version of Truth Hurts by Lizzo. Hesitantly, Kyle also covered Ride Wit Me by Nelly saying he didn’t even know the words, but after Trevor told him he knew the words “good enough,” Kyle started belting out the tune perfectly. They followed that show up with a second intimate boat session and then ended the night closing out the Sugarshack Stage at Reggae Rise Up. The following evening, they played the official festival afterparty to a packed house.

So when will you get your chance to see Algorhythm live? Brandon says, “for now the focus is the music. When we get together, we have fun, no stress. We do as much as any band would do in a week in one day, because of our other bands, our time together is limited, and we make use of every second.” Being that Kyle is a family man and enjoys his time at home, this new project will mainly be a festival group, with several headline shows in the mix. Although Brandon says, “nothing is off the table,” there are currently no plans to tour. However, if you see their name pop up on a festival lineup or marquee near you, do not miss out!

As far as their sound goes, I don’t want to give too much away. Go listen for yourself. You can stream their currently released songs Good Life, Magic, and You Haven’t Called on all streaming platforms. In addition, the band will release their first album this fall. Do yourself a favor and watch their Reggae Rise Up Sugarshack debut, available on the Sugarshack YouTube channel. Their set will not disappoint! While you won’t get to hear Trevor sing Lizzo, you can catch his amazing cover of Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over, along with all of Algorhythm’s current original songs, including some unreleased tracks and Kyle’s version of Ride Wit Me. You can follow the guys on Instagram at @wearealgorhythm to stay up to date with all the exciting things they have planned.

Article by : Kelly Graham