Micah Brown’s “Gambles & Prospects” Single

Micah Brown’s “Gambles & Prospects” Single

Southern CA singer/songwriter, Micah Brown spent his New Years eve 2013 celebrating the release of his latest single “Gambles & Prospects”, which he released, exclusively on blue-swirl vinyl. The single was a collaborative effort, featuring other musicians & was his first recording outside of 17th Street Recording studio.
The single features Andrew McKee on horns & Seth Richardson on upright bass. Long-time bandmate & violinist, Jennifer Argenti grace the track, a long with background vocals by Brown’s cousin, Amy Hough. The song was co-produced by Brown Brown & Adam Chavez and recorded out of SoundTree Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

You can pick up the new single on blue swirl vinyl, by clicking HERE!

Brown is known for his interpretation of blues & folk music amidst a Cali influence, creating a unique blend of music that delivers raw emotion. He took this with him as he was a featured guest for Iration’s touring in 2013, playing guitar with back up vocals as well as performing his solo sets. Look out for him joining Iration, once again, on their winter 2014 tour.

As mentioned in The Pier’s 2014 Most Anticipated Albums article, Micah Brown also expects to release a new album in 2014. Brown will release an all acoustic album towards the end of 2014 while releasing a series of singles during the winter & spring months of 2014. The album will include 8-10 songs with the possibility of one or two acoustic re-releases. The album will be released under 17th Street Records and recorded at 17th Street Recording Studio.


Article By: Mike Patti

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