Michael G.’s ‘Sh*T Or Get Off The Pot’ Single

Michael G.’s ‘Sh*T Or Get Off The Pot’ Single

The connection between R&B and reggae is not lost on producer, songwriter, and musician, Michael Goldwasser, co-owner of reggae dynamo Easy Star Records. After nearly twenty years of producing reggae music from Jamaica and the United Kingdom to Israel and the United States, he has completed his self-titled album from his solo project, Goldswagger, to be released sometime this year.
The first single from the new album is “Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot,” a humorous take on those who have dated a significant other for long enough and are ready for a ring on the finger. The song features singer Sophia Ramos, a Bronx, New York born singer and actor known for her stage presence and studio skills named VH1’s “Best Undiscovered Artist.” Ramos has collaborated with Metallica’s Jason Newstead and Joey Ramone and appeared on stage with Rod Stewart and Jefferson Starship and now joins the likes of Michael G.

The R&B, funk, and soul mix is a modern take on a classic sound recorded with old-school analog equipment and proves digital does not necessarily mean better. Goldswagger brings vintage R&B back from the 1970s that has been lost on the American music scene. Michael G’s keen ability to surround himself with talented players makes this record a must-have for R&B and reggae fans alike.

Just like he introduced the rock ‘n roll world to the reggae with Dub Side of the Moon, Radiodread, and Easy Star’s Lonely Hears Dub Band, Goldswagger brings the classic R&B sound to music lovers of any style.

“I was just making music from my heart and this is what was in there,” he says. Goldswagger includes a track about the lost human connection through social media with “Facebook Friends” and a few songs he wrote twenty years ago that have been revamped including “I Can’t Wait,” “Stay,” and “Sure Thing.”

You can purchase “Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Producer Spotlight feature on Michael Goldwasser as we peel the curtain back on his music career with quotes from some of the scenes top artists who have worked with Michael G. Coming Soon!

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Article By: Blake Taylor

Listen: Michael Goldwasser – “Sh*T Or Get Off The Pot”