Mighty Mighty BossTones to Release New Album ‘While We’re At It’

Mighty Mighty BossTones to Release New Album ‘While We’re At It’

As mentioned inside our 2018 Most Anticipated Albums feature, the Mighty Mighty BossTones will release their 10th studio album While We’re At It relatively soon. The album, produced by rock veteran Ted Hutt, is anticipated to include approximately 15 tracks.

BossTones’ frontman Dicky Barrett described the album as “angrier than you would expect” in an interview with Diffuser. The 53 year old Rhode Island native said: ‘it’s an honest record. In this climate I can’t just say, ‘Hey, let’s all be cheerful and put on our ska shoes.’”The-Mighty-Mighty-Bosstones

Barrett went on to explain how the current climate in politics is a driving force behind its poignant and at times, heated sound: “It feels like unhinged hatred. And the wheels are coming off, but not fast enough for me. For me the whole thing is just lies on top of hatred on top of really stupid thinking. So yes, all that is going to get into the music. It has to.”

According to the frontman, While We’re At It is the final part of a musical trilogy that began with Pinpoints and Gin Joints in 2009. With the songs fully recorded, the band is busy applying finishes touches. Although a date is not set, they are hoping for release before July.

Dicky Barrett told The Pier: “On behalf of myself and the other Mighty Mighty BossTones, we are very proud of While We’re At It and consider it to be our finest effort to date.”

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The Mighty Mighty BossTones have been a staple in the ska arena since the 1980’s. The 9 piece band from Boston, Massachusetts has enjoyed widespread success over the years both in punk and ska genres, and on the radio and in movies (see 1995 teen-comedy Clueless). Just this past December, Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, declared December 28th to be Mighty Mighty BossTones Day in honor of their 20th consecutive Hometown Throwdown that spanned over 3 days into the New Year.

We’ll have more info regarding Cover-Art, Official Track Listing & Release Date as soon as it’s made available to us. In the meantime, follow their upcoming live shows by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Aidan Leddy

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