Reggae-Rock added to Vans Warped Tour!

Reggae-Rock added to Vans Warped Tour!

Last month we announced that The Aggrolites, Passafire, Lionize, The Exposed along with Big D & The Kids Table would be representing a bit of that Reggae-Rock sound at this years 2011 Vans Warped Tour. Since that update, the tour has made some more additions that include illScarlett, The Expendables & Pepper.

In years past we’ve been use to seeing and associating the Vans Warped Tour to have a more Indie Rock-Emo influence. It’s been since the 2000 lineup that i recall a promising line up that represented Reggae-Rock. The 2000 Warped Tour line up included Long Beach Dub All Stars, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Morgan Heritage, Hepcat, No Doubt & NOFX.

In 2001, Pepper & Bargain Music joined the party playing the Volcom stage where the boys from Pepper put in their dues tearing down and setting up the Volcom stage, each day of the tour. That same year, we also saw 311, Pennywise, Jurassic 5 and more. A good blend of what you hear today on an album blending Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop & Punk.

Prior to that, the 1998 line up was reflective of the huge ska-wave that hit the scene and included such groups as the Pietasters, Save Ferris, The Specials, Mad Caddies, Cherry Poppin Daddies, The Aquabats, Hepcat & more.

Lets hope the addition & representation of this years line up paves the way for a more Reggae-Rock based Warped Tour for years to come. To check out the entire line up for this years Warped Tour, click HERE

Vans Warped Tour Exclusive w/The Expendables…

Here is illScarlet covering Josie from Blink 182

Here is Pepper’s official music video for Drunk Girl in 3D