2011 Most Anticipated Albums

2011 Most Anticipated Albums

Welcome to our Most Anticipated Albums of 2011!

As you’ll see below, we received exactly 51 submissions this year from groups looking to release new music in 2011. Regardless of who or what you do or don’t see listed in this article below, The Pier will always bring you the up to date info on any new releases as soon as they’re made available to us.

This will also mark the year for The Pier’s official release of our Vol. 2 Pier Compilation! That’s about as much info as we’re ready to give out, but while on the topic of 2011 Releases, we thought that we’d let you know that this year, we plan on releasing another Pier Compilation to be sold exclusively on our site as well as a FREE downloadable Regional Sampler. Stay tuned for updates on both of those releases, once again, made available exclusively @ The Pier!

This community has grown so much since The Pier started in 2007 and when you read the updates on all the new music, you’ll see just how much this scene collectively networks with collaborations and guest appearances by musicians, vocalists & producers.

Not every group responded to our inquiry including 311, who we know is in their Hive studio, with producer Bob Rock, for the coming months ahead to work on a new album to be released this summer. We’ll bring you updates on 311’s release as soon as they’re made available to us.
Tribal Seeds, not mentioned below, is also planning for a late 2011 release, but no further details were made available when we approached the group for this article.

There were some groups that just don’t have any concrete plans for a 2011 release. Some of these notable groups include John Browns Body, The Beautiful Girls, Cas Haley & Tomorrows Bad Seeds.
Tomorrows Bad Seeds were talking about a possible Live Acoustic Album, complete with songs recorded from their live shows during their Holidaze Acoustic Tour this last December, but nothings been confirmed or set in stone.
The Beautiful Girls have no releases planned for 2011, but look out lead singer/guitarist, Mat McHugh of The Beautiful Girls to possibly release a solo acoustic album.

We’re expecting a busy Spring/Summer time as you’ll find out by reading below. That’s not to say we won’t see an eventful Fall or Winter for new music, but when you’re a group working on new music for a Spring or Summer release, you’re more likely to have information on what your working on when The Pier is contacting you in December.
Groups with plans for a fall or winter release, they’re a little less informative on their plans due to the uncertainty of a release not expected for 8-10 months. Regardless, we pried as much info out of all the groups as we possibly could to bring you the blue print for new music in 2011…Enjoy!

-The Pier Fam!

Most Anticipated Albums of 2011…

Sublime with Rome
Sublime with Rome is ready to record a full length album set for a late spring, early summer release. Songs like Panic & Take it or Leave it will be on the album and are even contenders for possible singles. The album is expected to be packed with as many songs as a CD can hold. The group plans on working with a few producers and names being talked about are Mario C. Gilmore, Ronson, Paul Leary & Pharrell. If they decide to go with Paul Leary, they’ll be going to Texas to record. It is confirmed that there will be guest appearances for the album, but with nothing set in stone, we weren’t able to receive any names.
Sublime with Rome is expecting this new album to be reminiscent of their Self-Titled release with Punk, Ska, Reggae, Rock & Hip Hop.

Marching into 2011, Fishbone soldiers worldwide have a lot to look forward to including theatrical, broadcast, & DVD releases of Everyday Sunshine: the Story of Fishbone, as well as brand new, original Fishbone studio material. This is the first time in 5 years, since their 2006 release of Still Stuck in Your Throat, that the group has been in the studio writing & recording new material together. Fishbone returned to Los Angeles & hit D.O’ B Sounds in Sante Fe Springs, CA with original Social Distortion drummer Derek O’ Brien behind the boards engineering the sessions, to lay down what is anticipated to be a 6 song EP. Although there have not been any official release dates announced for Fishbone in 2011, sources in the Fishbone camp have in fact confirmed that the band does have new material that they have written & are recording, & are anticipating releasing new music for Spring/Summer!

Slightly Stoopid
Slightly Stoopid is currently at their home studio The Stoopid House working with engineers James Wisner aka J Wiz and Bob Marley’s original Engineer, Errol Brown, on a new album with hopes of a Summer release. No album title just yet, but the group will be collaborating once again with Barrington Levy, G. Love & Don Carlos.

Matisyahu, will be releasing a new live album & DVD. Live at Stubb’s Vol. 2 is set to be released on Tuesday, Feb 1st 2011. Live at Stubb’s Vol. II will be available for sale in stores and online in CD, DVD with documentary footage and a Deluxe Edition format and is available for pre-order @ www.matisyahuworld.com. Additionally, an exclusive trailer can be viewed now on the site offering a sneak peak at the incredible documentary and live footage from the DVD. This is a treat for any Matisyahu fan and a great follow up to the release that sparked so much energy around Matisyahu, with his first Live @ Stubb’s album.

Following up on a series of back to back tours and the release of their Stitches EP in 2010, Pepper is heading back into the studio in 2011 to record a new full length album. The album will be be self titled, carrying a sound and style the Pepper fans will recognize for it’s island roots and mix of rock shock and awe flare. Something to hypnotize fans of all walks of life with incredibly sweet harmonies all the while keeping bodies moving on the dance floor. Look for it late in the year and stay tuned to www.pepperlive.com for updates from the studio as the group is working with engineer Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers) inside Pepper’s home studio The Hatch.

Easy Star All-Stars
Easy Star All-Stars are working out of Capture Sound Studio in Brooklyn, NY, recording a brand new album of original music for their next release tentatively titled First Light. Though the group has an original EP Until that Day from 2008, this is the first full length that’s been an incredible project, as described by the band, and should be a big surprise for fans who are use to the bands tribute albums.
There are 16-17 songs finished for the new record, but they’re not sure what will make the final cut for the album and what will end up as bonus tracks. This release is expected in the spring around April sometime complete with guest appearances by Cas Haley, The Meditations, Lady Ann, Tony Tuff & Junior Jazz. The record is being produced by Michael Goldwasser, one of the founders of Easy Star Records and the producer/arranger of Dub Side of the Moon, Radiodread, Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Band, and more. There will also be remixes by the Alchemist, Dubmatix and others. Easy Star All-Stars is also expected to go back into the studio this year to work on their next tribute album, though what album they will tackle, remains top secret. Stay tuned as The Pier plans to bring any updates regarding both releases as they’re announced.

The Dirty Heads
The Dirty Heads are planning for a late 2011, early 2012 release. They’ll be inside 17th St Studios in Costa Mesa, CA in January & February. They’ve already debuted a new song titled Hangover Dub which you can download for FREE inside our MP3 Massive section. The Group also gave a sneak peak at the work they’ve done in the studio with track titles We Will Rise, Cabin by the Sea and a new song that looks to feature Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome. The group plans to release new music throughout the year for Free Download via their social networks and there are talks of a Beatles cover of the song I’m Only Sleeping to be released sometime this year as well.
In an interview, we asked Dirty Heads what to expect with the new album, heres what they had to say:
The next album will be less eclectic. With the first album we had so many different styles and said here is The Dirty Heads and this is where we come from musically. There won’t be as much hip-hop influence on the next album but it’s definitely still there. The fans gravitate more towards songs like “Lay Me Down”, “Neighborhood”, “Shine”, and “Believe”. That is really where The Dirty Heads sound really is rather than songs like “Hip Hop Misfits”, and that’s the direction we are gravitating to, which is good, because the fans are as well.

Everything Changes (plus 2 remixes) was released on Dec 21st, 2010 and this will be the first single of the new upcoming album that’s yet to be titled. The new album will include 12+ tracks for a summer release. SOJA recorded out of Lion & Fox Recording Studios (College Park, MD) & Music Is Weapon Recording Studios (Arlington, VA). Be sure to look out for other track titles that include Strength to Survive, Mentality & Gone Today. The new album is being described by the group as: An album that’s about the way the world has become, the way we have become. It’s pretty easy to see the world changing around us. We’re trying for the roots style of the album to compliment the themes.

Rebelution will be releasing their Remixes EP on Jan 11 that will include 6 different remixes featuring guest appearances from Junior Reid, Zumbi of Zion-I and Jacob Hemphill of SOJA whom all added vocals. Amplive of Zion I, Yeti Beats, Michael G of Easy Star Records & Jacob Hemphill of SOJA all contributed production from their own respective studios to contribute to this Remix EP. Check out Remixes on songs such as Safe & Sound, Other Side, Suffering, More Than Ever, Bright Side of Life & So High.

Named one of iTunes Best Upcoming Artists, Iration is on schedule to release their new EP entitled Fresh Grounds on February 1st as an iTunes worldwide exclusive. On February 8 the EP will be available on all other digital retailers’ locations. Fresh Grounds will be released via the band’s own label, 3 Prong Records distributed by INgrooves. The release will include their previously released single, Summer Nights along with Cant Wait, Work it Out, All This Time and No Letter. The album was produced by Joe King of Iration & JP Hesser from Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, CA.
Heres what lead singer Kai Rediske has said about the groups newest release:
This new EP felt really good to make. We didn’t confine ourselves to any specific style, so each song ended up having its own unique feel. We allowed ourselves to try new things, both musically and lyrically, hence “Fresh Grounds”, and are definitely stoked on how it turned out -Kai of Iration

The Aggrolites
The Aggrolites will be releasing a LIVE album along with a series of 45’s (vinyl) to be released on Young Cub Records. There’s no release date for the Live Album as that project is still in the works, but the album will be from last year with their shows @ The Roxy in Hollywood, CA & The Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA. The limited run of 45’s will be released over the course of the next 5 months and this actually began on Dec 14th 2010 with the compilation being made available on February 22nd. The 45’s & ultimately the LP, which will feature all the songs, is titled Rugged Road as the The Studio they recorded Rugged Road at was in Boston, right on Rugged Road! There will be a total of 10 tracks for the LP which will ultimately be all 5 of the 45’s together.
Heres what the group had to say in regards to the Vinyl release:
This series of 45’s will take the Aggrolite fan back to the days when the band first started. We are bringing back those scorching dirty instrumentals and reminding you of early Jamaica.

Passafire is currently writing a new album and will be back in the studio this spring with hopes of a new record set for this summer. Theres no album title or set number of tracks expected for this next release but it’ll be recorded at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in Tornillo, TX. This is the same studio where they recorded their last release Everyone on Everynight. The group will be produced by Paul Leary (Sublime) and the finished product will be put out on Law Records so the Pepper dudes and Controlled Substance will be involved as well. No guest appearances set for this release just yet, although the group has expressed interest in a string quartet on a few songs and horns if there’s any particular songs that calls for them.

Josh Fischel
Josh Fischel will be debuting his new band The Fiction by releasing new songs some time this year, but an album isn’t yet planned for The Fiction. Josh will be releasing a double live album that will only be available at The Pier. It’s going to have two full shows on it; one from his b/day show in 2009 and a full band recording featuring his new band The Fiction & Bargain music as a live acoustic. The Live album is set to be titled Michael, Farrah & Me and will include 30 plus songs featuring Zippy, Matt and Todd from Bargain Music, The guys from Zen Robbi, Jamie Bullock and his wife, Lara Beers. Untitled and Jericho are two Fiction songs that are almost done. Other ones that will come out are The Real Houswives of the Salton Sea, Dream no. 6, Key, Go Down, Wait 4 U, Moonlight, 2 dry 2 cry and Bang. Josh Fischel will be taking his work to Total Access Studio in Redondo Beach, CA & the plan is to have Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Pepi Ginsberg, Dice Raw) mix it. Josh has also been talking to Andy from Ugly Duckling for a possible collaboration.

Ballyhoo! is currently in pre-production for their next album expected to drop this Summer! There’s no album title just yet, but look out for 14 solid tracks to make up for their 4th full length album. The group is expected to head to Orlando, FL to record the new album. With no current plans for any guest appearances on the album, we caught up with Howi of Ballyhoo! for a run down on what we can expect for the next release:
There will be reggae, acoustic guitars, very much rock n’ roll as well…Possibly heavier than previous records. Some of the songs seem to have a common theme to them, which could be interesting if we really tied them together in a story somehow. We’ve been a band for going on 16 years and this is only our 4th record, we’re still growing with the music. It’ll be a solid release for sure and I know that fans of our bands will be pumped when they hear it. We are very excited to get it out there, but all in good time. -Howi of Ballyhoo!

The Movement
The Movement is expected to release another full length album expected to be upward around 14 tracks set to be released at the end of Summer. There will be guest appearances, although no one yet confirmed, the group mentioned possible appearances by members of SOJA & Mambo Sauce. The album is going to be recorded w/Producer Chris DiBeneditto out of Philadelphonic Studios new location in California. They start production at the end of January and should be done by the end of May. This will be their first full release with a band. Their last record was made mostly with beats, which they still plan on using with this record, but look out for some rockin live tracks as well!

Josh Heinrichs
Josh will be releasing at least 2 albums in 2011. Josh will be releasing a solo-acoustic greatest hits album titled Jah Roots this spring that will include some of Josh’s favorite songs that he wrote for Jah Roots between 2001-2008. The Acoustic album is expected to be 15-17 tracks.
The other album Josh will be releasing sometime this summer/fall will be titled Josh Heinrichs & Friends Vol. 2. This release is expected to be between 10-12 songs featuring a slew of guest appearances by J Boog, Quino of Big Mountain, Aruba Red, Taj Weekes, Anuhea with more to come. Both albums will be produced by Miles Brown of 77 Jefferson @ his studio in Kansas City, MO.
Heres what Josh had to say about his new music coming…
In my acoustic solo-album I will be trying to capture the authenticity & passion that my fans appreciate in my acoustic sets, youtube videos & radio performances. I’m flattered that these raw recordings are so popular amongst my fans and am eager to give them a real and clear recording of these songs. (in regards to Josh Heinrichs Vol. 2) I had so many artists in mind for the first album and the timing wasn’t right for everybodies schedules so a sequel was already pretty much planned from the beginning

Giant Pand Guerilla Dub Squad
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is looking at a tentative Spring to Fall release with an album that will hold 10-12 tracks. They’re self producing the album out of Hope Alive Soundprint Studios with Matthew Goodwin doing engineering. Not a lot of information in regards to their next release but we were able to catch up with Aaron Lipp and he gave us some insight as to what to expect with the production of the new record:
We record everything onto reel to reel 2 inch tape through high quality analog preamps with ANALOG instruments and effects ONLY. For example, Roland Space Echo (Spring reverb and tape delay), Hammond B3 organ, Leslie Speaker, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes. These are all instruments that create sound physically, not recreate sounds digitally. We are shooting for a sonically superior record with analog clarity that captures our sound as a band the best. But most of all we love creating the music and we do so in hopes of the Music being a Healing to your soul.

The Holdup
The Holdup will be releasing their 3rd album titled Still Gold under Dub Rock Records, expected to be released this Spring. The album will have 14 tracks including featured singles Alone With You & Young Fools. Look for a guest spot on the album by Weege of 880 South. The album is being produced by Mike Garmany & Clev Stiles out of Dub Rock Studios. The group described Still Gold as the influential extension of their first release Stay Gold. The idea was to revisit their previous influences while mixing in the new elements to tighten up that original Stay Gold Sound.

Mike Pinto Band
Mike Pinto Band may release an EP before they do an album and the idea is to be done by summer. The EP would be titled The West is still Wild that would encompass 5 songs and the full length is expected to have at least 12 tracks. Mike Pinto has expressed that he will be working with a few producers. Lew Richards out of 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA, James Wisner out of The Stoopid House in San Diego, CA & Sylvia Massey (Sublime, Tool, Johnny Cash) out of Radiostar Studio in Weed, CA.
Mike Pinto is looking to have guest appearances by De La of Slightly Stoopid, Kat Nestel & Chuck Treece (G Love, Bad Brains, McRad) who played bass & drums on Mike Pinto’s Self Titled album. De La will be joining Mike Pinto on new song called Feet Don’t Fail Me Now. According to Mike Pinto, this next release Will be a concept album for some of the tracks, meaning 3 or 4 of them will tie together. Expect some more stories. Expect some songs to sound like our previous work. Expect the unexpected…

The B Foundation
After facing a rigorous touring schedule in 2010, The B Foundation is expected to take some time off in early 2011 to rest up in preparing to record their next release. There has been some talk that they will release an Acoustic EP titled The Chronicles. The group released single Take Some Time in October 2010 with Lew Richards out of 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA and that’s the tentative plans for recording their next release. Ideally, The B Foundation would like to shoot for a Fall release, with either a full length album or their Acoustic EP.
Here is Jason Moorehead, in true B Foundation form, in a brief statement on what to expect Maybe some heavy dubstep stuff? Maybe some big loud guitars? Loops? But music that could be played in a porno

The Supervillians
The Supervillians will be releasing a full length album titled Postcards from Paradise on Jan 25th under Ra Ra Records. This will include 14 tracks as produced by Brett Hestla (Virgos Merlot, Framing Handley) & features Anthony First Class of the English Beat on the song Stuck In The Middle. When approaching The Supervillians to go over their new release, Suldo said We had a lot of spare time on the road and a lot of material to write about. Fans of the Supervillains are definitely going to get what they’ve been asking for, which is a ton of new catchy songs that sound really, really good!

Chris Boomer
Chris Boomer will be releasing his Debut album I AM WHO I AM on Feb 1st. The album is produced by Jacob Hemphill of SOJA and the album will include 7 tracks with guest appearances by members of SOJA, Groundation & Rebelution. Jacob Hemphill has vocals on “I am Who I Am”. Other track titles to look out for are Leave The Light On, I Don’t Know What To Do, & Live With What You Got. The album was recorded out of Lion & Fox Recording Studios (College Park, MD) & Music Is Weapon Recording Studios (Arlington, VA). The album is described as a story about life, love and the struggles that present themselves along the way.

The Black Seeds
Planning for an October release, The Black Seeds are looking to put out another full length Studio album with at least 10 new songs. The project is very much in the early stages of production so there’s no confirmed guest appearances or album titled confirmed for now, but the 8 piece group will be finishing off the album at Surgery Studios w/Lee Prebble’s contributions in production & engineering.

3rd Alley
In early Spring 2011, 3rd Alley is set to release their next full length album Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Produced & Engineered by Zack Walters & Adam Arnold, look out for a 10 track album that will be recorded out of Total Access studio. Todd Forman (sublime/sublime with rome) is featured on saxophone/keys while Matt Brien (bargain music/mike pinto band) performs on bass. Andre Davis of Tomorrows Bad Seeds co-wrote the song Sasquatch w/Zack Walters. The album will feature Zack Walters on Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Synths. Jack Hale on Drums. Matt Brien on Bass, Simon Short contributes Bass with Todd Forman on Saxophone & Keys. Brian Big Bass Gardner is expected to master the album.
Here are the 10 tracks expected for 3rd Alley’s new release in no particular order: Jah Fakin Deejays, Medicated, Antidote, Humpty Drunkee, Sasquatch, Bloodshot Eyes, Greed to Red, Space Cadet, Drink it Up & My Girl’s Got a Rap Sheet
Here’s Zack of 3rd Alley had to say about the next full length:
I can’t help but be me and write about the things I’m inspired by, but the new album will cater to our scene a lot more. We intentionally made this album short in tracks because we wanted to really make all of them shine and not have any get the assembly plant feel. All of the songs stand by themselves. Albums will last forever, might as well make them as great and special as possible right?
–Zack Walters of 3rd Alley

Fear Nuttin Band
Fear Nuttin Band will be releasing their next full length album Move Positive on BoomBlaze Records on April 5th 2011. The album is expected to be 12+ tracks along with a bonus track that the group assures The Pier community won’t want to sleep on! The majority of the album was Produced by Christafari BoomBlaze Regan (Guitarst) while Jacob Hemphill co-wrote & co-produced such song titles as Rebel & Standing by the Wall. The album was recorded at a few different studios rotating between Nada Studios in NY(Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, Just Surrender); Zing Studios in MA. (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains); and some time was spent out in Northern MA at EastLake Studio.
“Rebel” is expected to be one of the albums singles, along with Pocket Dial & Oh My. Other tracks to look out for would be Informer Inna Da Midst which brings out FNBs more (pure) Roots sound. There’s Real Life Soldiers & Everything Happens for a Reason that resembles the groups heavier or upbeat/dance side.
This album has a good mix of guest appearances with Bushman, Jacob Hemphill & Ryan Berty of SOJA, Northeast standout, Demse from The Alchemystics and fans will get to hear the newest addition to FNB with Becky Becks Schaefer who can be heard throughout the album, but commands your attention on more specifically on Pocket Dial.

Stick Figure
Stick Figure is at work to release a new album in the Summer-Fall with 13-14 brand new tracks along with one or two Dub Instrumentals. This album will be 100% self produced and recorded out of a home studio with some of the drum tracks being recorded at Studio West in San Diego, CA. The new album will be another solo album from Scott Woodruff, and will have a similar sound and feel to Scott last solo project, Smoke Stack. Look for Scott’s friend TJ O’Neil to be featured on a few tracks as TJ & Scott traveled around the world together for 2 months writing new music.

Seedless is excited to announce that they will be releasing a new EP this March complete with 4-5 songs. They’ll be recording out of 17th St Studios in Costa Mesa, CA w/Lew Richards behind the production. No guest appearances are planned for the release but that could change during the recording process if the songs call for it. The group described this next release as an eclectic mix of styles set to evolve & mature the Seedless sound without removing the classic Seedless time changes. Look for the group to introduce new genres & influences to their already progressive reggae background.

Mystic Roots Band
Mystic Roots Band is expected to release a self-produced, full length album this summer entitled Camp Fiyah that will include 12-15 new songs. Featuring a slew of guest appearances that include Tippa Irie, Shayne T (Original Mystic Roots singer), Matt Masih, Tony Saenz (Original Mystic Roots Drummer, now Pato Banton’s), Sugar Minott, & more. They’re currently recording out of Electric Canyon (Chico, CA), Prairie Sun (Rohnert Park, CA), Stay Positive Studios (Chico, CA).
When we asked front man cootdog what we can expect for this next album, this is what he had to say:
Classic MRB roots, rock, hip-hop, dub, flavor meets more of a Katherine Ramirez driven pop/R&B sound. Expect: three-part harmonies, island feel, some old MRB favorites from the live show never recorded, plus brand new unreleased originals, collaborations with reggae legends Tippa & Sugar, some spacey dubs and two FIRE reggae versions of existing tunes: one Michael Jackson tribute and one Freddie Mercury Tribute. In sum: think Black Eyed Peas meets Katchafire.

International Farmers
International Farmers will be debuting their 2nd album Stories You Rewind this March or April. Look out for singles King of Defeat and Robot. The album will be 13 tracks as produced by Evan Beigel, Danny Primavera & Juan Nelson out of JoJo Ocean Music Studio. The new album will feature guest appearances by Lance Keller (trombone), Dustin Willis (trumpet), Matt Holloman (lead guitar), Big Nes (Long Beach Hip Hop), and the amazing Juan Nelson (bass).

C-Money & They Players inc.
C-Money & The Players will be releasing Family Business Part 2 this Summer and the album is expected to be 6 to 10 songs. Nikki Glaspie, Jordan Scanella & David Bailis were among a few producers mentioned to take part in this release. There will be some guest appearances for this release but none that could be released at this time. Stay tuned as The Pier will drop more info on this release as its made available.

Pacific Dub
Pacific Dub plans to have a new album released by Spring/Summer complete with 12-15 tracks. No album title just yet but they’ll be working with Lew Richards out of 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. It’s close to the groups hometown of Huntington Beach, CA and it’s where they recorded their latest single “Best of All Time”, which is also confirmed for the new album.
Here’s what the group had to say in regards to their next anticipated release:
Fans should anticipate a high energy and high quality album, featuring heavy rock and roll riffs, and catchy alternative lyrics. We plan on having our normal Reggae-Dub-Rock style songs as-well-as include more acoustic tracks, and will also plan on releasing our first ever “DUB” song on this album. Fans can expect a summer and beach ready Pacific Dub album in Spring/Summer of 2011… It will be the best we’ve done to date!”

RAC has a new EP planned for March 12 titled In.Hab.I.Tants. This release will feature the new line up of the group with the addition of new vocalist Thomas O’Brien. Like their 2008 release of Heavy this album will be self produced in home studio Fertile Panda Studio. Bailey Flynn, who did the cover art for Heavy will also be doing the cover art for the new EP In.Hab.I.Tants. When we asked RAC’s new vocalist Thomas O’Brien the meaning of the EP title, he said It’s all about your various surroundings. Being different places, seeing different people, and seeing things change throughout the world.

< Clear Conscience
Clear Conscience is expected to for 2 seperate releases in albums for 2011. The first release is expected to be a 12 Acoustic album set for the end of March, early April titled Lust At First Sight. It was recorded in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The 2nd release set for sometime in June will be a 5-7 track EP that has yet to be named, but already features guest appearances by 77 Jefferson, Dub Passenjah, Chicho & Mike from Orange Grove. Clear Conscience will be working with Ari Rios and Rick Vargas of Laughing Tiger Studios(Carlos Santana, E-40, Lauryn Hill, Taj Mahal) in Marin, CA. Ari & Rick also mastered the majority of the tracks for Clear Conscience last 2 albums.
When asked what else fans can expect with these next 2 releases, Jeff of Clear Conscience hit us back with an update:
As far as our acoustic release…this album is going to be raw, from the heart, an album that you will pop in and know there was sweat, tears, beers, and ganja flowing to make it what it is. It’s a very “One Take” approach. Our new EP is just that same evolution-taking place. We were the fish, now we’re the fish with the feet getting ready to explore the earth. Blessings to all and much love and Respect to the Pier! – Jeff of Clear Conscience.

Philie Ano
Although there is no tentative time frame on a release date, Philie Ano is confident there will be a few releases in 2011. He signed a 2 album deal with Suburban Noize Records and they’re expected to re-release his first album Holy Homework followed by a new album under Sub Noize.
In the meantime Philie Ano is working with LD on Technicali Records for a FREE release; one they hope to release ASAP. This is expected to be about 10 songs (give or take a few) & LD of Technicali is producing all of the music. Expect the songs for the project with LD, to have a bigger sound than people are use to him having. Philie Ano described it as Radio big! It wasn’t clear on which release these guest appearances will be featured on, but expect him to collaborate on future songs with Ariano, LMNO, Opie Ortiz, Fate, Toko Tasi & more to come.

Tommy Dubs
Tommy Dubbs is expected to release his second solo album expected for a mid-summer release. With no title to the album, you can expect about 12-14 songs. Tommy Self-produces all of his own work but relies heavily on Bryan Stratman from Capricorn Studios in San Diego. Tommy is expected to feature Knowledgeborn 07 on a track called Tomorrow Morning with international guest appearances from Aleko from Go lem System / Planeta Lem (Spain) and Pablo from Aztecas Tupro (Argentina). Aleko has already recorded vocals in Spanish and Tommy has mentioned also collaborating with The Cool & Deadly band out of Brooklyn, NY.
Here is an update from Tommy Dubbs in regards to not just his album, but new music you can receive for FREE:
The songs are an authentic mix of genres taking elements from dancehall, dub, electronica, latin styles and rock to create what I call, “Punky Reggae and Dub influenced Urban sounds, the bastard son of a diplo, Manu Chao and the Clash threesome.” You can expect bass bin burners, catchy songs and dirty dub sounds.

Lionize will be releasing their 3rd full length album this February titled Destruction Manual. The album is expected to be 12 tracks recorded out of Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD with Producer J.Robbins (Against Me & To Clutch). Look out for tracks You’re trying to Kill Me, D.C. is Tropical, Killers & Crooks and No Exit. There will also be a dubbed out remix version of long time song Surrenders. Killers & Crooks will feature David Hinds & Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse & Tim Sult from the band Clutch, who was a part of every track with lead guitars and song arrangements.
Here’s an update from the group with their plans for 2011:
The album will be followed up by an EP released just before summertime. Alongside those two releases, fans can expect reissues with tons of bonus material of most of our back catalogue, Vinyl and a few more collaborative surprises. We have teamed up with Hardline Entertainment to release a slew of new material, including the next LP after ‘Destruction Manual’ Which will get released February or so of 2011

Look out for Rootdowns first full length album this spring that is scheduled to be 11 songs. No album title confirmed just yet, but the group described the new album as a project compiled of feel good songs similar to the ambiance of Dont Walk Away. It was described that the album will include more rock elements than their previous work with songs written on tour and one they said they wrote during a show!

Three Legged Fox
Shooting for an April/May release, 3LF is set to release their 3rd full-length album. The title of the album will be Always Anyway. There will be a standard release, followed by a Deluxe Version; both to be released at the same time. The standard release is expected to be 12 songs while the Deluxe Version will be upward around 15-16 tracks. The album will be self-produced at their home studio in Philadelphia, PA.
Here’s what the 3LF had to say in regards to their 3rd full length album:
This album sounds much bigger, and feels much bigger than the others. Overall, it’s just damn exciting. To produce every note, every change, and every lyric, to put ourselves out there to say “this was our doing…love it or hate it”, it’s a strong feeling. No question that if somebody were to only hear one of our records, we’d want it to be this one. – Three Legged Fox

Roots of Creation
Look for a big 2011 from Roots of Creation. They’re expected to have 3-4 NEW releases. The 1st will be a Dub style EP titled Ammunition by summer. The 2nd will be a full length studio album titled Live Free or Die in the fall along and a Single Policy (Remix) featuring Might Mystic to debut around winter time. The group also has plans for a Vol. 3 Live album but no set release date.
Ammunition EP will have about 5-8 self produced tracks. The Full length album Live Free or Die will have 15+ songs and the single willbe 2 maybe 3 songs that will include a regular & instrumental dub version of Policy. Policy will be produced by Brett Wilson of ROC & Pete Caigan (Bedouin Soundclash, Bad Brains, Sarah McLachlan.)
Drummer Mike Chadinha, had this to say about the upcoming release:
The “Policy remix” will showcase a more polished dancehall look at an RoC favorite. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit “Students for Sensible Drug Policies” along with some potential other charities the band believes in. “Ammunition EP” will be more of an ode to the originators of the dub stylee with an ROC twist. Low Fi recordings, minimal layering and heavy delay and reverb. I think “Live Free or Die” will show a more pop side of ROC without losing our edge.

The Simpkin Project
Simpkin Project will be releasing their 3rd Full Length album Everything You Want sometime this summer, possibly sooner as production is ahead of schedule. The album will hold as many songs as an 80 min CD can encompass. Thus far, they have 16 songs finished with most of the songs being over 5minutes. Look out for songs such as Woke Up, The Wanderer & Harder as they feature guest musicians with contributions on Saxophone, Flute & Harmonica.
The Pier caught up with Shawn of The Simpkin Project for some more insight on the album:
Our past two albums were split, half songs half dubs. “Everything You Want” will have only the album cuts on it, with no dubs. This allows us to pack as much diverse (non dub) music onto a single CD. Due to the amount of material recorded, we won’t be able to fit everything onto one 80 min CD. The songs that don’t make it on the physical album will be available to everyone via the internet. We can’t wait to share our amazing creation with the whole world. See you in 2011.

HB Surround Sound
HB Surround Sound is making their long awaited return by releasing a Best of 1999-2003 album coming to The Pier & eventually iTunes for digital download. This album will include the groups favorite selections from their first 2 full length albums. From there, HB Surround Sound will release their new album Rude Boys 4 Life set to drop in summer 2011 and fans can expect 10 new songs on what the group describes as a Clash/Operation Ivy/Specials feel to the new sound.

Knowledge Born 07
KnowledgeBorn07 has two albums in the works for 2011. He’s bringing together some amazing and talented people to do a dub remix of 2010’s Cosmic Knowledge. Confirmed guests are Lew Richards, Dr. Echo, Tommy Dubs, Sean The Wiz Whisner, Mr. Chinn aka DJ Doze Mike Gooze Deguzman, Mike Chefdog Sheftner, Frank FCP Clayton, John Gray and more. It’ll have a strong reggae influence through its heavy dub emphasis. Expect to have the 11 Remixes completed around Spring/Summer

Top Shelf
Look out this Spring as Top Shelf will be releasing their 2nd full length album titled The Sound. w/no specific release date confirmed, the album is expected to be 15 tracks with a slew of guest appearances. They album will feature Moi Ses of Tomorrows Bad Seeds, cootdog & Scott Shipper of Mystic Roots Band, Zion Thompson of The Green, Morgan Stocker of Self Fulfilling Prophecies, along with guest spots by Thrive & Energy Alchemist. The album is produced by Jim Fox, cootdog, Timmin Murray as well as Top Shelf. They worked out of Russian River Records in Ukiah, CA & Lion Fox Recording Studios in D.C.

Through The Roots
Through The Roots is excited to release a new EP, hopefully this Spring, early Summer. With the EP title still being debated, fans can expect 4-6 self produced songs engineered out of Big Fish studios in Encinitas CA. The group is looking forward to introducing more hip hop, synth and pop influences to their new release.

Kat Nestel
Kat Nestel will be releasing her firs EP titled Supergirl this spring. The EP will encompass 5 songs as recorded & produced by Lew Richards at 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. The EP features Ronnie King and Micah Brown. Ronnie played the keyboard on a few songs and Micah did some background vocals on a track.
In Kat’s own words, heres what she had to say in regards to her next release:
I would classify my music as a funky mix of pop, reggae and rock and I have honest lyrics that speak to everyone. I love the stage and connecting with my fans so making music they will always enjoy is one of my many goals. My passion is music. I love making it, listening to it and performing it and I hope that shows, through my EP, and in all my future releases! -Kat Nestel

Katastro is looking to make an impact in 2011 whether it’s an EP or full length album, but look for a release this summer. Right now the group is looking at 7-10 tracks for their next release & here is what Katastro had to say about their next release: We are really excited to release the new music we have been working on and I think people will notice the more mature sound we are starting to create. After going on our first national tour I think it made us tighter as a band and influenced us to write a lot of new stuff.

880 South
880 South is expected to release their 3rd Full length album titled Juicy James from Inside the Motherload this spring and this will be their 2nd release under Dub Rock Records. Expect 11-15 tracks w/guest appearances by Mike Garmany of The Holdup & Brandon Valatka of WhoGAS.
880 South is expected to keep true to the original rock, reggae and soul style while bringing in a modern vibe to the mix. 880 South will be working out of Dub Rock Studio w/producer Mike Garmany, Nexxus Studio w/Chris Paxton & Emerson Studio w/Luigi Casaretto.
The Pier caught up with Weege of 880 South to ask what else we can expect with this release and heres what he had to share with us:
I have already written and recorded over 37 new songs. We are now just looking at process of elimination and whittling down the best 10-15 tracks to pass on to Dub Rock. We believe this approach gives us the best chance at getting our music exposed and enables us to release more music on a more frequent basis. – Weege of 880 South

Thrive is coming out with a new EP this summer. There was no EP title mentioned but the EP will feature Scott Schipper formerly of The Mystic Roots Band on Saxophone as well as all live horn/and wind instruments. Thrive has also added keyboardist & Dubstep Producer Eric Cleveland to the group, so expect an evolving sound with the addition of Scott Schipper & Eric Cleveland bringing their respective influences to the Thrive sound.

The Melodramatics
The Melodramatics will be releasing a new Self-Titled, full length album on March 4th complete with 13 songs. They’ve been working out of The Soundhouse in Redding, CA & Heirloom Studios in Chico, CA but the album is self produced. Look out for songs such as Goodbye which is and ode to their old drummer along with Dirty Beach along with a cover song from a 90s 1 hit wonder band that has yet to be revealed.

Fiction 20 Down
Fiction 20 Down is expecting a Fall release with their next album out of Reveler Recording Studio in Bel Air, MD. Singer/songwriter of F20D Jordan Lally will produce the album as he did with their first 4 releases. The new release is expected to continue with the influence of Reggae, Rock & Hip Hop along with the addition of a few acoustic tracks. Look out for the song Neighbor’s Cup as that song is expected to be one of the early singles from the album.

Hazmat Bay
Hazmat Bay is releasing a new album on 4/20/2011. The album will consist of 25 tracks, is being produced by Tom Romano at Sound Room Studios in Long Island NY.