MP3 Leak of the Week: 3rd Alley (feat. KB07)

MP3 Leak of the Week: 3rd Alley (feat. KB07)

This week we have a change up in style with a FREE Hip Hop track in a collaboration with 3rd Alley & Knowledge Born 07 w/the fun song Mo Hop Than Hip.

3rd Alley Update:
3rd Alley is on a roll lately with producing music and teasing us with new material as they have just released a Double-Single with new songs Medicated & Bloodshot Eyes that featured Todd Forman of Sublime/Sublime with Rome along with the new acoustic track Space Cadet that was featured on the Sense Boardwear Acoustic Comp. Be on the look out for 3rd Alley’s upcoming album Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

When The Pier approached 3rd Alley about giving up a song for the MP3 Leak of the Week I figured we’d get something that we’re use to hearing from 3rd Alley thats more Alternative Rock with an influence of Reggae.
When 3rd Alley front man Zack Walters told us he wanted to give us a new song that he did with Hip Hop Artist Knowledge Born 07 I was pretty stoked because I enjoyed the reggae driven track Overcome they did on KB07’s latest album Cosmic Knowledge. Like any fan I love to be surprised with new music so I don’t ask too much about the nature of the song prior to receiving it. I know Zack’s never shied away from doing Hip Hop and with KB07’s influence, I was pretty stoked with the song and surprised at how Hip Hop heavy it is, but a nice change up and good add to the music collection!

3rd Alley (feat. Knowledge Born 07) –Mo Hop Than Hip
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I asked Zack & KB07 to tell us a bit about the track and how it came to fruition. Here’s what we got:

Mo Hop Than Hip Background:
Zack Walters (of 3rd Alley): Awhile back I was in England driving around in the back of a scoda with my friend stoner si and he was showing me all the underground hip hop from the UK and it dawned on me that all rap songs have the emcee boasting so I thought I’d do the opposite. I wrote the lyrics and put them away for awhile. Then I met up with Garret G-Money Barth in Long Beach while working on our new record and he brought some beats he’d made. I fell in love with this one and decided it was time to drop the lyrics on there. Then was talking to Knowlegeborn07 about collaborating again on something and I sent it to him and he dropped in his 2 cents and viola. I actually did the vocal takes on a Micro BR (4 track) in the van in a parking structure in Hollywood, ha ha, yesterday afternoon. Johnny Cosmic did the mixing and editing.

Knowledgeborn07: After working with Zack on the Overcome track for my album( I definatly wanted to do more work with him. His lyrical style is amazing. When he sent me this track to get on at first I was like uh oh….wtf is that….haha…I mean I don’t do tracks like this but after the concept that he told me I was on it…It’s got that bay area sound…I can hear E40 or Lunasic on this beat..I wasn’t sure how to approach the track but Zack sent me his mix with his lyrics…..from there I just tackled it head on…..I sent it to my producer Johnny Cosmic and he made it that much better……Johnny is amazing at what he does vocally and sonically….Mother Brain also listened to the track and she gave it the ok so I knew it was dope….I can’t wait to work with Zack more in the future as well as hear his new album.

Huge thanks to 3rd Alley & Knowledge Born 07 for the FREE track!
Giving away music for FREE is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do!

Enjoy the track!
Mike Patti