MP3 Leak of the Week: David Foral

MP3 Leak of the Week: David Foral

David Foral, bass-player for Dirty Heads, has released a 16 song mixtape called Stone Soup that plays 26minutes featuring an array of guest appearances. Download it for FREE and dish on all the details of this special release that includes members of Passafire, Ballyhoo!, Dub Trio, Sublime, Dirty Heads, and more…

This Download is available at the Soundcloud stream below as this will be our Leak of the Week until Saturday, August 27th, 2016.

David Foral – “Stone Soup Mixtape” – Download Below
Stone Soup

David Foral “Stone Soup” Mixtape Background:

What started out as an idea for an EP, David Foral announced that on August 23rd, he’ll release a mixtape titled Stone Soup that includes other artists and friends he has a history of working with from over the years. At it’s foundation, the mixtape is hip-hop with DJ cuts and samples accented by the influential songwriting of other artists who contributed their own song writing of dub, alternative rock, pop and electro, all within the same key and tempo to round out the 26minute mix-tape.

“At first I wanted to put out a 6 song EP that showcased music I was working on. I wanted to come up with a special way to do this and I came up with the idea of making a mixtape,” Foral explains of the mix-tape’s origin. “I used to DJ so I knew that when it came time to mix the songs together it would be a lot easier if everything was in the same key and tempo. I have a lot of friends that are Producers, DJs and Musicians and they’re always working on tracks. I know from producing music that most of the songs that get created never see that light of day. I knew if I started asking around that people would have music sitting on a hard drive somewhere. I started reaching out to people and was surprised with how many people were willing to contribute.”

One of the people that David reached out to was Ballyhoo! guitarist/vocalist, Howi Spangler, who can be heard from 10:02 – 11:48 on the mix-tape with his contribution, titled “Another Way To Die.”

We caught up with Howi, who tells The Pier: “I’ve known Dave since his days with Chapter 11 and we had both worked on the early versions of The Pier website (a little trivia there). We were playing in Florida and we caught up at a bar in town that night and drank whiskey and bullshitted for a couple hours. Dave contacted me a few weeks after that about this project and I was excited about it. I’ve been doing more production lately and thought it would be a great opportunity to mix it up and do something different. I love making beats and playing around with weird sounds. Seems like he has a lot talent on this project! The best part is that it’s free and people have no excuse not to check it out.”

You can stream & download the song for FREE via David’s Soundcloud — Press play while reading the track listing and song credits for the mix-tape below.

Stone Soup Track Listing

Written by Mike DeGuzman (Passafire)
Additional Production by David Foral (Dirtyheads)

Written by Kirk Ellingsen
Additional Production by David Foral (Dirtyheads)

GHOST DUB (2:19)
Written by Leigh ‘LD’ Snyder (Sublime with Rome/Technicali) and David Foral (Dirtyheads)
Vocals by Brandon Sammons

Written by Josh Barlow “Jungle Josh” (Funky Dividends)

Written by Todd Forman (Sublime)

Written by Mike DeGuzman (Passafire)
Bass and Additional Production by David Foral (Dirtyheads)
Saxophone by Todd Forman (Sublime)
Percussion by Jon Olazabal (Dirtyheads)
Guitar by Kirk Ellingsen

Written by Howi Spangler (Ballyhoo!)

Written by David Foral (Dirtyheads)

Written by Joe Tomino (Dub Trio)
Additional Production by David Foral (Dirtyheads)

OH BOY (13:58)
Written by David Foral (Dirtyheads)
Vocals by Bradley Mayo “Know-Madik”
Additional Production by Jason Gutierrez “Jace One”

Written by David Foral
Additional Production by Jason Gutierrez “Jace One”

DALI TRIP (17:09)
Written by Ted Bowne (Passafire)

WILD HORSE (18:35)
Written by David Foral (Dirtyheads)

KNIFE (19:57)
Written by Ted Bowne (Passafire)

Written by David Foral (Dirtyheads)
Vocals by Ed Kaufman “Eliot Nes”

PHOENIX (23:41)
Written by David Foral (Dirtyheads)
Guitar by Kirk Ellingsen


Additional Production and DJ Scratching by Jason Gutierrez “Jace One”



David Foral Background:

David Foral is a Musician/Artist living in Long Beach, California.

Since 2009 he has been touring the world as a bass guitarist with the Alt Rock group Dirty Heads. While not on the road he is busy writing music and creating art. His production and writing styles are influenced by Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic and Pop.

In 2013, being mentored by Kirk Ellingsen of Sleepy Lagoon Tattoo in Fullerton, he learned the art of Tattooing. In addition to applying art to skin he likes to work in various mediums that range from water color to computer generated designs.

You can find David Foral slappin’ da bass with Dirty Heads on tour — View their upcoming dates below.

dirty heads Tour Dates

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Huge thanks again to David Foral for allowing us to share the “Stone Soup” mixtape to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti