MP3 Leak of the Week: Echo Movement

MP3 Leak of the Week: Echo Movement

Echo Movement is celebrating the release of their new self-produced, 8 track album titled Music Played On. The Pier is joining in on the celebration of this new release by giving away the single version of the song Red Sunday for FREE download as this week’s MP3 Leak of the Week. Come by here EVERY Sunday for a NEW MP3 Leak of the Week that runs from Sunday to Saturday. Read up on the FREE track…

Echo Movement –Red Sunday

  • You can download the song Red Sunday for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday Sept 24th
  • Here’s what David Fowler of Echo Movement said about “Red Sunday” and how it came together…

    “Red Sunday” was originally written around 2004 on the Shark River Bay in Belmar, NJ. It was around this time that the last of my religious framework gave way, and I started to fully-embrace free-thought. My brother Steve was a few years ahead of me with reformatting his mind with atheism, so we were on the same page with a song acknowledging nature as the sole divinity (sorry, Jah). So the chorus carries this coming-of-age theme, even though the sun is setting. As for the verses, they’re one-liners about our average day at the time: beach, friends, herbalizing in the car, community college…”

    “This song was recorded several times since 2005, and its arrangement was a regular subject to savage beatings by the band. Although it was always a fan favorite, this is really the first time we’ve been able to capture the song’s true grit in the studio.” explains Fowler…“This Leak is the single version of Red Sunday. The album version has a spacey interlude with droning sitars, gummy tablas and other world instrumentation. We chose the shorter cut because it’s a little less of a commitment, but still gives proper representation of Echo’s energy.”
    -David Fowler of Echo Movement

    Echo Movement Background:
    Echo Movement is about love. It’s about a passion to learn, communicate and appreciate life’s opportunities. It’s a recognition of the ability to choose your level of involvement in humanity. It’s respect for the earth and our global community and an honor to the pursuit of happiness. It’s a shrine to the human range of emotions. It’s an expression of music, culture and freedom. Echo Movement is about love, and that is all you need.

    You can catch Echo Movement this Fall on their Music Played On Tour that starts in New Jersey & makes it way to the west coast wrapping things up in Arizona. They’ll be sharing the stage with such groups as Ballyhoo!, Ease Up, Slaughterhouse Rootz, Universal Rebel and more. This tour is presented by ORIGINAL SKATEBOARDS

    Echo Movement Tour Dates:
    Sept 23 @ Maxwells. Hoboken, NJ (w/ Universal Rebel, Kiwi the Child)
    Sept 28 @ The Firebird. St. Louis, MO (w/ The Driftaways, Dreadnot)
    Sept 29 @ Cervantes. Denver, CO (w/ Slaughterhouse Rootz, Buntron Smith)
    Oct 1 @ The Reef. Boise, ID (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 2 @ Nectar Lounge. Seattle, WA (w/ Ease Up, KayaFlyte)
    Oct 4 @ The Wild Buffalo. Bellingham, WA (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 5 @ Jazzbones. Tacoma, WA (w/ Ease Up, High Ceiling)
    Oct 6 @ Black Forest Tavern. Eugene, OR (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 7 @ World Famous Cannabis Cafe. Portland, OR (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 11 @ The Shore. Hermosa Beach, CA (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 12 @ Sandbar. Santa Barbara, CA (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 13 @ Winston’s Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach, CA (w/ Ease Up)
    Oct 14 @ The Hut. Tucson, AZ (w/ Ballyhoo!, SKITN)

    This leg is mostly out west with our Ease Up! The MPO Tour extends into January though, and will reach all parts of the US. Stay tuned for more dates!

    Echo Movement Links:
    Echo Movement Facebook
    Echo Movement iTunes
    Echo Movement Twitter

  • Huge thanks again to Echo Movement for giving us their brand new song Red Sunday to post up for FREE download. Giving away music for FREE is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for free and spread the awareness to your friends!
  • Enjoy the FREE track on the Home Page!
    Mike Patti

    Here’s a live video for the song “Soul-Searching Drive” off the groups In The Ocean album…