MP3 Leak of the Week: HB Surround Sound

MP3 Leak of the Week: HB Surround Sound

On a quiet February 21st 2012, HB Surround Sound released their new 3 track EP, Explode. One of the three songs, “Top of the World” is this week’s FREE download on the homepage, but first, lets read up on the release & what Jake B of HBSS says its all about…

  • You can download the NEW song “Top of the World” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday March 10th

  • HB Surround Sound –“Top of the World”

    “Top of the World” Background:

    As fans, we love it when the artists give us the background behind the song. What its about, the meaning or the influence etc. This week is no exception and HB Surround Sound’s vocalist Jake Bushnell, aka Jake B, pulled the curtain back on what “Top of the World” is all about..

    “This song is about the feeling a band gets right before the curtain opens to a huge crowd. I had our last House of Blues show in mind when I wrote it. It was a sold out show in Anaheim CA and from behind the curtain I could hear the crowd getting ready to EXPLODE. I remember pacing back and forth on the stage with an extremely excited feeling in my gut. I looked at my band mates and we all had a “Lets do this boys” type of moment. I can remember the stage manager saying to us “You boys good to go”? We gave him the nod and the curtain began to open. The crowd that night was amp-ed up, screaming and ready for a good time. We gave them everything we had and it felt like we were on “Top of the World”. After our 4 year layoff this was our first big show and it made us feel like we were truly back. Nights like that are the reason I play music.” -Jake B. HB Surround Sound

    The song, as well as the Explode EP was recorded with the ever popular Lew Richards at 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. The EP is available on iTunes and for 3 songs, you only pay $2.97. Songs that include “Top of the World”, “Rock And Roll” and “Give You Away”.

    HB Surround Sound Bio/Background:
    Straight out of Huntington Beach, CA, HB Surround Sound are no strangers to the music scene. Having formed in the late 90s and putting out 3 albums before taking time off in 2006, HB Surround Sound was known for originally blending Punk Rock, Metal & Reggae. They were responsible in the early 2000s for introducing Dirty Heads by giving Duddy B (Dustin Bushnell) & Dirty J (Jared Watson) a platform to showcase their talent at live shows.

    Over the years, the group has progressed into an original healthy blend of Ska, Reggae, Rock in the vain of Operation Ivy, Rancid & The Specials. Now their return to the stage after a few years off includes the May 2011 EP release of Back to Reality, as well as the early 2012 release of their new and latest EP EXPLODE.

    With a big summer tour in the plans, fans in southern CA can check out HB Surround Sound with Fishbone as early as March 30th at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. And in a couple weeks, they’ll be debuting a music video for new song “Give You Away”.

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  • Huge thanks again to HB Surround Sound for sharing “Top of the World” to post up for FREE download. Giving away music for FREE is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for free and spread the awareness to your friends!

  • Enjoy the FREE track on the Home Page!
    Article By: Mike Patti
    Photo By: David Norris

    On 1-14-12 HB Surround Sound did an Acoustic Rendering of their song “Breakdown” on The Nothing But Show. Enjoy!