MP3 Leak of the Week: Mystic Revealers

MP3 Leak of the Week: Mystic Revealers

Released on Friday January 22nd, Mystic Revealers have dropped a 420 High-Grade Remix of their track “Herb Must Legalize Now” that features a slew of guest appearances including Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, DJ Sojah, Diana Rutherford, Jah9, Fred Locks, Triga Finga, Suzanne Couch, Bobby Hustle, Jesse Royal, Kelissa, Cidade Verde & Snow

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Mystic Revealers – “HERB MUST LEGALIZE NOW (420 HIGH-GRADE REMIX)” – Download HERE
On Fri. Jan 22, the legendary Jamaican band Mystic Revealers will officially release their all-star anthem “Herb Must Legalize Now (420 High-Grade Remix)” on VP Records’ label Dub Rockers. The remix features a slew of reggae artists down for the cause of ganja legalization worldwide – including Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, DJ Sojah, Jah9, Diana Rutherford, Fred Locks, Triga Finga, Suzanne Couch, Bobby Hustle, Jesse Royal, Kelissa, Cidade Verde and Snow

When discussing the importance of Herb and its legalization, Mystic Revealers front-man guitarist/vocalist Billy Wilmot shared that: “Marijuana was found on King Solomon’s tomb which is one of the ancient pieces of evidence that ties the herb to religious rites and practices of the Solomonic dynasty. This fact has resulted in the sacramental use of “Ganja” by members of the Rastafarian faith in ceremonial and worship. Marijuana has also been established by archaeologists as one of the earliest domesticated crops and hemp fabric and rope were the most widely used materials in the world for thousands of years. Renewable materials are a vital part of the environmental battle between natural and artificial and provide a realistic option for the problem of plastics and petrochemical based materials.”

Billy continues on to explain that: “Since time immemorial the healing properties of cannabis have been recorded and it has been used in the traditional treatment of countless ailments for generations. Today huge medical corporations race to copy-rite various designer strains of the plant and their genetic codes while the common man is deemed a criminal and scourge of the society because he chooses to smoke a spliff or drink a cup of tea?! Free The Weed…Herb Must Legalize Now!”

The song’s accompanying video, which premiered on High Times, is directed by Kush Asher and Imani Wilmot and shot at Mystic Revealer’s lead singer Billy Wilmot’s Jamnesia (located in Bull Bay just outside of Kingston, JA). The famed skate, surf and music hub has become a local hang spot and a crucial incubator for breaking new music talent – including Chronixx, Kelissa, Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal – who are all featured on this super-group remix. View the video below.

If you enjoy the FREE download, then pick up the other remix to the single that is available on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Here is Billy Wilmot talking more about the case of Legalizing Herb in this video.


Mystic Revealers Background:
Head east out of Kingston, Jamaica, past the city’s industrial waterfront and Norman Manley International Airport, and you’ll come upon the community of Eight Miles Bull Bay. There, along the beach, you’ll find Jamnesia, one of the most unique and eclectic outposts on an island that’s world renowned for such places. Equal parts community center, surf school, skateboard park and music venue, the one-of-a-kind hub known as Jamnesia is the homebase of guitarist, vocalist, surf legend and soap opera star Billy Wilmot and the famed Mystic Revealers.

Wilmot founded the Mystic Revealers in Bull Bay the late 1970s, along with bassist Leroy “Lion” Edwards, drummer Nicholas “Cymbal” Henry and guitarist Steve Davis. Originally, the band was known as just the Revealers, but when another group with that name popped up, it was decided the word “Mystic” would help convey their Rastafari-inspired message.

After nearly two decades of recording and touring, the band opted to go on hiatus in the 2000s. Wilmot’s focus turned to surfing, a sport he has helped to legitimize and grow within Jamaica over the last 20 years (while also starring as “CC” in Royal Palm Estate, one of Jamaica’s most popular TV series). He formed the Jamaican Surfing Association, one of the Caribbean’s first pro surfing bodies, and established the Makka Pro tournament, Jamaica’s first international surfing competition, while guiding the professional surf careers of his son, Icah, and daughter, Imani.

“I’ve been surfing from the ‘60s, you know,” Wilmot says. “Music came and found me as a surfer raised in Jamaica. When I had my kids and started touring, I did a lot less surfing. When I returned home, I took the opportunity to go surfing again, and, as the kids grew up, I got them into surfing. I didn’t want my kids to be in a sport where there was no option for their development and advancement, so we worked towards making Jamaica a legitimate surfing nation in the eyes of the international surfing community. We’ve been successful at doing that.”

Jamnesia, meanwhile, became a crucial incubator for the latest wave of Jamaican music talent. Live sessions hosted on the premises provided an early point of exposure for the stars of reggae’s current roots revival, including Chronixx, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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