MP3 Leak of the Week: Street Pharmacy

MP3 Leak of the Week: Street Pharmacy

Street Pharmacy is making some reggae-rock noise in Canada! They’ve teamed up with illScarlett along with Trouble & Daughter, for what’s being discussed as Canada’s first official Reggae-Rock collaboration! In a celebratory measure, we’re giving it away for FREE, this week only! Grab it on the homepage & read about it, here…

You can download Street Pharmacy new song “Waterslide” (ft. illScarlett and Trouble & Daughter) on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week column on the right hand side! This download will only be available until Saturday, Aug 10th, 2013.

Street Pharmacy“Waterslide” (ft. illScarlett and Trouble & Daughter)

“Waterslide” Backstory:
Street Pharmacy teamed up with fellow Canadian reggae-rockers and Warped Tour veteran’s illScarlett along with Trouble & Daughter to create “Waterslide”. This is the first time anyone in the Canadian reggae-rock scene has teamed up to write and produce a collaboration track together.

“All three bands have played together quite a bit throughout the years. We’ve always admired each others take on reggae-rock and hip-hop. We were all playing together in Toronto on the same bill back in January and started talking about the records we loved and BAM! We got together and wrote and recorded ‘Waterslide’. It came really easy to all of us and the vibes were perfect. It felt like we had been in same band for decades.” Ryan Guay, Vocalist/Guitarist of Street Pharmacy

Fellow collaborator Will Marr, co-producer of “Waterslide” and guitarist of illScarlett has just come off of recording an album with legendary Sublime producer David Kahne. Enlightened by the experience, the production of “Waterslide” returns to the sound of illScarlett’s “Heaters” as well as classic Sublime inspired turntablism to create a track that is true to SoCal reggae-rock grooves; but with a conscious lyrical twist.

“Ryan drove up from the Niagara Region and played the preliminary idea for ‘Waterslide’ in John’s living room. Right away, John and I were able to take it where it needed to go. John has this stellar golden baritone voice that blends great with Ry’s lyrical assault. Watching those two create eerie harmonies, set it all off for me. The subject matter being as metaphorical as it is, allowed me to push the limits on my guitar work. I wanted to make the solo as strange as the lyrics are.” – Will Marr of illScarlett

John Doherty was also a member of illScarlett for many years and is the visionary behind reggae-folk act “Trouble and Daughter”. Along with being a co-writer on “Waterslide”, John is featured as the co-lead vocalists on the track. John is an incredible multi-talented musician, and triples up on “Waterslide” as an instrumentalist, doing harmonies and DJ.

“There was something raw about scratching real vinyl on this track. It’s somewhat of a lost art form these days. Will, Ryan and I are all huge fans of 90s Golden Age hip-hop so scratching some old vinyl felt right to us. I am glad we did it.” – John Doherty of Trouble & Daughter.

You can purchase Street Pharmacy’s music, on iTunes by clicking HERE

Street Pharmacy Background
Street Pharmacy is a reggae-rock band hailing from Welland, Ontario Canada. Since its humble beginnings in August of 2006, Street Pharmacy has recorded and independently released 5 full-length albums. Street Pharmacy’s second release “Free Delivery” (2007 / 2008) has become a staple on many college radio stations across Canada and USA, which has built the band an extremely strong and loyal fan base. The current line up of Street Pharmacy is made up of Ryan Guay (Vocals/Guitar), Danial Fretz (Drums) and James Raccoon (Bass).

Street Pharmacy’s newest release entitled “Alimony EP” is a strong return to the group’s reggae-rock roots. The new untitled full-length album with fellow collaborators is to follow in early 2014. Street Pharmacy will also be headed to the USA in the 4th quarter of 2013 for some East Coast dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Aug 10th @ The Reeb House. Port Colbrone, Ontario
Aug 15th @ The Blue Door. Waterloo, Ontario
Aug 16th @ Club NV. Brantford, Ontario
Aug 24th @ SummerAid Music Festival. Grand Bend, Ontario
Sept 7th @ Niagara Food Festival. Welland, Ontario

Street Pharmacy Links:
Street Pharmacy Website
Street Pharmacy Facebook
Street Pharmacy Twitter

Huge thanks again to Street Pharmacy, illScarlett along with Trouble & Daughter for allowing us to share their new song “Waterslide”, to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

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