MP3 Leak of the Week: Tubby Love

MP3 Leak of the Week: Tubby Love

3 years went into the making of Tubby Love’s new album Waves that finally dropped on July 17th. The album was co-produced by The Matt Scientist, along with Tubby Love, and we’re featuring the track “The Garden” as Tubby shares some depth that went into the making of the song…

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Tubby Love – “The Garden” — Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)

Tubby Love “The Garden” Background:

Tubby Love, a Hawaiian resident, is a frequent collaborator as evidence with his guest features alongside notable artists including Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Nattali Rize, Rising Appalachia and more. After 3 years went into the making of the album it received rave reviews from our Brian Glaser who gave it a 4-star album review. The album features 11 total tracks with its own slew of guest appearances that include Trevor Hall, Tha Mammoth, Amber Lily, Elijah Ray, Chris Berry, Murray Kyle & Franko Heke.

In his Review, Glaser said that “‘Waves’ doesn’t necessarily jump out as a reggae album. This is more of an acoustic, hip-hop, jam and folk soul-fest of a sweet-sounding journey with reggae intertwined.”

For this week, we’re featuring track 5 with the song “The Garden.” Tubby explained that this album didn’t come from the brightest of places as he shares: “(Come Back to) the Garden” came at a really tough time in my life. I had just found out that my partner, at the time, had become pregnant and that it wasn’t in the cards to keep the child.”

Love continues, “Fortunately, music has always been there for me, and I was surrounded by angels at the time. I think Xavier Rudd, Chris Lane (flute) and Dustin Thomas were the first people I shared with about it. We were in Bali, and Uncle Xav invited me for a surf to clear my mind. Upon getting in the water I immediately cut my knee on some gnarly reef and began bleeding everywhere. It was on my walk back up the hill, bloody and broken, that the song came to me.”

You can purchase Tubby Love’s new album, Waves, via iTunes, by clicking HERE!

Watch: Tubby Love – “Come Back The Garden”
Here is a pretty happy version of “The Garden” with a music video filmed on Tubby Love’s farm on Kauai & sister farm in Minnesota. Little known fact, this first version features Mike Love’s drummer Sam Ites on the kit (produced by Will Lydgate).



Tubby Love Background:

David Andrew Terrett – better known as the genre-bending Tubby Love, has been creating music for years, citing it as “the catalyst for deepening his connection to life and also a bridge for sharing his music with others.” Originally from Anahola, Hawaii and now residing in Kauai, Tubby Love has been bringing people together through his music and understanding of current issues to help incite and inspire change. Tubby Love is also on to frequently collaborate alongside notable artists including Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Nattali Rize, Rising Appalachia and more. 3 years in the making, his new album Waves has arrived and was produced by visionary The Matt Scientist.


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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Tubby Love – “Jah Spirit”