MP3 Leak of the Week: Zen Robbi

MP3 Leak of the Week: Zen Robbi

There’s a party in Long Beach with Zen Robbi blasting their new song “That’s My Jam” which features a whole collection of artists with this week’s Leak. Download the song & come read up on who all guested the track…

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  • Zen Robbi – “That’s My Jam”

    “That’s My Jam” Background:

    Musical Guests:
    Kat Nestel – Backup Vox
    Lara Beers – Backup Vox
    Micah Brown – Backup Vox
    Casey Sullivan (Seedless) – Backup Vox
    Todd Forman (Sublime/SWR) – Saxophone
    Michael Cartwright – Trumpet
    Jamie Bullock (International Farmers) – Wurlitzer

    With such a heavy set of guest appearances, here’s what Zen Robbi’s frontman Mic Dangerous had to say about the song & how everything came together. With a song collectively celebrated with “That’s My Jam”, it truly is a family affair as Mic Dangerous explains…

    “I recorded everything at our home base Hollywoodstock Studios, and Darian Cowgill at The Den Recorders mastered it for us. The first addition was Kat who totally rocks, she actually was over with some friends and we were eating dinner and I just wanted to show her the song and we ended up recording her that day, and obviously, she crushed it.

    Then Jamie and Lara came by, Lara did some singing while Jamie played this old Wurlitzer my buddy Mr. Crumb left at my studio for awhile. After that Micah Brown was over and we were jamming on a few different things and I wanted to get some guy harmonies on that big disco chorus line so he ended up on the track as well, and I figured why not just got for it so Scotty sang a bunch too and we made a wall of singers for the choruses. Another night Casey was over and we were just out having some beers and dinner and started having a little too much fun with some of those vocals hehe..

    Then of course Dr. Todd Forman just murdered the horn lines. We were actually working on some tunes for our other band, Jelly of the Month Club (feat. Bert Susanka, Bud Gaugh, and Mr. Crumb) and I threw “That’s My Jam” on just for him to check out, and we went straight into recording mode. Following Todd was a buddy of mine that lives around the corner from me, Michael Cartwright, and he is absolutely amazing trumpet player. Everyone did such a stellar job, and almost everyone was an impromptu guest on the track, a real family affair.”
    -Mic Dangerous, Zen Robbi

    Zen Robbi Bio/Background:
    The musical trio otherwise known as Zen Robbi arose from the firestorm of a music scene in LA, California nearly eight years ago. The crew began to unearth their musical mode and their unique, ragged sound from the city’s ambiance, close friendships, and a plethora of astonishing shows over the years.

    Members, Mic Dangerously, Scotty “Spoon” Wittenberg, and Timmy Too Tall kicked off the New Year with their fourth full-length album, Lovely In The Middle. Although Zen Robbi has always boasted a carefree vibe, Lovely In The Middle: An Acoustic Collection is a somewhat novel alteration for the band. The album will pivot around a heavy acoustic influence, flaunting not only the talents of the Zen Robbi Trio, but some of the most respective musicians in the Cali scene. Expect to hear Micah Brown and his guitar, Mike Pinto Band’s brass section, Bargain Music’s Josh Fischel, and Todd Forman, formerly of Sublime With Rome.

    Since that release, Zen Robbi is now celebrating the release of “That’s My Jam”, their latest single since Lovely In The Middle. The track is FREE for this week only, but will also be available on iTunes on Tuesday July 17th, 2012.

    The group has a few shows coming up in southern CA:
    July 27th @ 710 Beach Club San Diego, CA
    August 17th @ DiPiazza’s. Long Beach, CA (w/Seedless)

    Stranger Links:
    Zen Robbi Website
    Zen Robbi Facebook

  • Huge thanks again to Zen Robbi for sharing their new single “That’s My Jam” to post up for FREE download. Giving away music for FREE is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for free and spread the awareness to your friends!
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    Article By: Mike Patti