Music Unites – Reggae Around The World Vol.2

Music Unites – Reggae Around The World Vol.2

The Reggae music community has come together once again to bring you Music Unites – Reggae Around The World, Volume 2. The compilation features another 30 tracks showcasing some of the best reggae artists around the world “…coming together for a cause bigger than ourselves.”

On Tuesday, November 26th, the second installment of Reggae Around The World is set for release to the world! With the success of Volume 1 reaching #2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and #6 on the Billboard Reggae Charts, it was only natural to come back with an even bigger line-up for Volume 2.

Although the newest compilation brought back some artists from the 1st release, many new bands have been added to help launch the next album. Debut artists for Volume 2 include John Brown’s Body, Groundation, House of Shem, Beyond I Sight with Gonzo, Fear Nuttin Band, Iration, New Kingston, The Movement and more!

Jordan D. Rosenthal, drummer for Fortunate Youth, has remained one of the main organizers behind the compilations along with Music Unites, a non-profit organization. This time around they have added Cali’s Finest Clothing and Vita Coco to help support the movement.

Jordan gave a little background on his relationship with the two new additions and explained how they jumped on board for the opportunity. “Cali’s Finest has been close friends and family to Fortunate Youth for a long time now. We wanted to get this next volume out to more people and they were up for the chance to be a part of this project to help out ones in need. They have a great clothing line that supports being ozone friendly. Vita Coco is an amazing company with a product that we feel is a lot better for people than most sports drinks, or healthy drinks out there. They have always been extremely supportive of all projects and are an amazing company overall. We are beyond thankful for their support on this next volume.”

Reggae Around The World, Vol. 2 and the people behind it have once again come together to raise money towards bringing music education to underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems. With an amazing project behind such a great cause, it has not been difficult to find bands that are interested in contributing to the greater good. As a result, you can expect there to be more compilations to be released in the future.

Fortunate Youth’s very talented and humble drummer wanted to leave The Pier and Reggae music fans all over the world with one last message before the album’s release. Jordan says, “I am a music fan when it comes down to it and I wanted to give people an amazing line-up of bands that are some of my favorites. To be a part of a project that is all about helping out children with music and having all of the bands coming together to support and promote one another, that is something that I feel like we have all been waiting for. I would just like to thank everyone for making Volume 1 of Music Unites such a success. If it wasn’t for everyone’s’ help and support, this would be nothing. From the smallest person, to the largest company… We are all one. No one is more important than any other. And by working together, we can make all our dreams come true!!”

The beautiful cover-art was done up by Mike Davids. He did the artwork for Music Unites – Volume 1 along with the cover for Fortunate Youth’s Irie State of Mind.

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Music Unites – Reggae Around The World, Vol. 2 Tracklist:
1. John Brown’s Body – Shine Bright (Easy Star Records)
2. Easy Star All Stars – Something Went Wrong (Easy Star Records)
3. The Debonaires – Still Waiting
4. The Expanders – Careful
5. Fortunate Youth – It’s All a Jam
6. Fear Nuttin Band – It’s Not so Easy
7. House of Shem – Sweet Love
8. Fishbone – Crazy Glue
9. Iration – Electricity
10. The Simpkin Project – In the Wake
11. The Steppas – Garden
12. Marlon Asher – Ganja Farmer (ft. Slightly Stoopid)
13. Groundation – Keep It Up
14. Stranger Band – Now Is The Time
15. Ballyhoo! – Battle Cry!
16. New Kingston – No Friend
17. Pacific Dub – Tightrope
18. The Movement – Echo
19. Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah – One Love
20. The Supervillains – Where Is My Mind
21. Echo Movement – Entangled
22. Sinizen – Crazy in Love (ft. Kat)
23. Jon Wayne and The Pain – Surrender
24. Beyond I Sight & Gonzo – Couldn’t Take My Love (ft. Pedro of True Press)
25. Mystic Roots Band – Things to Say
26. Indubious – Bright Day
27. Mike Pinto Band – Tornado
28. The Sensamotion Band – Looking Up
29. Wasted Noise – His Song
30. Fayuca – Shoot It Up (ft. Jason DeVore of Authority Zero)

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Article By: David Garcia
Album Artwork By: Mike Davids

Listen: Fortunate Youth – It’s All A Jam (It’s All A Jam – 2013)

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