Video Premiere: Seranation – “Lost Cause”

Video Premiere: Seranation – “Lost Cause”

On March 23rd, St Pete, Florida’s Seranation will release their new 10 track record, Livin’ The Dream, via Pepper’s Law Records. The newest single from the forthcoming release is “Lost Cause” as we premiere the music video for the new track.

Video Premiere: Seranation – “Lost Cause”

Since 2014, Seranation has performed a Florida brand of poppy reggae-rock music that the group labels Tropical-Rock. The band was started by guitarist Adam Hocker, bassist Bianca Schlosser and singer J. Carter. The group would later be rounded out by drummer Joshua Baron, Beard Bruce on keys/sax and Matt Knabe on guitar.

Livin’ The Dream follows Seranation’s 2015 debut record Island Thinking. With their new album, they worked with Josh Saldate and Greg Shields, who is the singer of label-mates Kash’d Out, recording over at Sound Lounge Studios.Seranation

Pepper drummer Yesod Williams describes signing the band to Law Records, telling The Pier: “Like any good band that gets signed, they had a friend who knew someone that knew the label. In this case it turned out that friend was Greg Shields from Kash’d Out! Greg played me a song called ‘Turn It Up’ that I liked so much we had to put it out right away! We couldn’t even wait for the record, we were so excited! That song is still stuck in my head, ha!”

In describing Seranation, Yesod tells The Pier: “They are the kids in school who get along with everyone and throws the best party’s. They play upbeat reggae, with sing along melodies for the masses, and energy that is lightning in a bottle with a little female touch on bass!”

With Livin’ The Dream dropping March 23rd, the band will be promoting their new record on what will be their first ever US tour. They’ll be in familiar company alongside their label-mates in both Kash’d Out and Tunnel Vision in what is being aptly titled the None Escape The Law Tour. The tour starts March 18th at Reggae Rise Up Florida Festival in Seranation’s hometown before concluding on April 22nd in Grand Junction, CO. In total, there will be 20 dates across 8 states.

You can pre-order their new album via iTunes by clicking HERE! Or view from a list of platforms by clicking HERE!

Seranation – Livin’ The Dream Track-list:
Seranation_LivinTheDream1.) Turn It Up
2.) Driftaway
3.) Lost Cause
4.) All Day
5.) Bonita
6.) True Love
7.) Lonely Nights
8.) Easy
9.) Live The Dream
10.) Will to Survive

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Seranation – “Turn It Up”