Mystic Revealers New Single (ft. Chronixx)

Mystic Revealers New Single (ft. Chronixx)

After a 15 year hiatus, Jamaica’s Mystic Revealers came back with the release of Crucial Cuts on January 13th via VP Records newly cemented Dub Rockers label. Now, the group has a new single as of Feb 3rd, titled “Herb Must Legalize Now” that features Jamaica’s up & coming reggae-star, Chronixx!

With the return of Mystic Revealers, they’re excited to introduce their music to a new generation of Reggae fans with the formidable release of Crucial Cuts. The album gathers key tracks from the groups 20-year catalog, including songs such as “Young Revolutionaries”, “Rasta Man”, “I’m Gonna Tell Ya” featuring Anthony B and “Tell Them” featuring Sizzla.
Herb Must Legalize Now
Just a couple weeks after Crucial Cuts is released, Mystic Revealers has released a brand new single, “Herb Must Legalize Now” that features Chronixx. The song was produced by Mikey Bennett out of Music Works Studio in Jamaica. The song has been made available for digital purchase and on 7″ vinyl as of Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2015.

The Pier was able to catch up with guitarist/vocalist Billy Wilmot of Mystic Revealers as we asked him how the collaboration with Chronixx came about. Billy explained that: “We have watched with admiration, and a small bit of pride, as Chronixx has developed from the days of his earliest performances at Jamnesia into the top caliber artist he is today. This is something that we knew would happen… His talent is undeniable.”

The one-of-a-kind hub known as Jamnesia is one of the most unique and eclectic outposts on an island that’s world renowned for such places. It is also the home-base of guitarist, vocalist, surf legend and soap opera star Billy Wilmot and the famed Mystic Revealers.

Billy continues on by telling The Pier: “We are pushing out now to re-establish our place as one of Jamaica’s top international touring Bands. We see the recently coined ‘Reggae Revival’ as a part of what we have been doing for Jamaican music. Such a collaboration with Chronixx, one of the leading ‘Graduates’ of, as he himself terms it, “Jamnesia Music College”, is only natural. We hope to do more collaborative work with other members of the Roots Revival Movement in the near future.”

It’s no mystery as to what the song is about given the title of “Herb Must Legalize Now” and when I asked for a bit more background to the song, Billy told me that: “That we have been calling for this for a long time and with the proliferation of countries, states, provinces, districts, and cities that are legalizing the herb, we want to reiterate the need to get our ass in gear where the whole marijuana industry is concerned (industrial, medical, etc) for the benefit of our country of Jamaica, before we miss the bumbo-claat boat! (Pardon my Jamaican).”

Mystic Revealers have a new album worth of unrecorded material that they plan to take into the studio for a new album release before 2015 ends and this single may see itself attached to that new record. In the meantime, you can pick up the new single on iTunes by clicking HERE! Preview the song by streaming it below.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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