Natty Vibes’ Green Harvest 2014 Spring Tour

Natty Vibes’ Green Harvest 2014 Spring Tour

Polynesian Underground will take Natural Vibrations on an ambitious tour of the “lower 48 states”. The incredibly entertaining Hawaiian party band take to the road just as summer arrives in mainland America on The Green Harvest Tour.

From sharing the stage with bands like Pepper, SOJA, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Cliff and Ziggy Marley, Natty Vibes brings a mellow energy not matched by many groups.
After performing for The Pier’s Live Acoustic Meet N Greet at the Cheba Hut in San Diego, Natty Vibes will return to their home island of Oahu for a show on March 29, 2014. They will own the stage at Kaiser High School Cougar Stadium, which is sure to be a set to see. If you cannot make it to Oahu by Saturday, The Pier will have coverage of their set along with stunning photos of photos of members Peni, Shane, Tim, Jehua and Wayne in action.

On April 12, Natty Vibes will fly to California and kick off what will be their fifth nationwide tour, in a year and a half, in San Francisco and Santa Cruz before heading up the West Coast to Portland, Oregon with one show in both Tacoma and Seattle, Washington. Then it’s down through Arizona before the band conquers Texas and Florida with their good time vibes for four shows spread through each state.

As I sat at Haleiwa Joe’s on the North Shore of Oahu, my bartender, Jessica, hands me a Kona Longboard Lager and asks why I’m working on Prince Kuhio Day. I politely explain that I am not working but telling the world about what Natural Vibrations is up to. I spoke with Mana Thome with Polynesian Underground who said he sees the music growing everywhere and they are “looking forward to hitting new towns and making new friends.”

Those lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Monterey, California on Memorial Day weekend, can enjoy Natty Vibes play the Late Night Sessions at Planet Gemini on May 23rd. The show, hosted by Polynesian Underground, will close out the first night of what is to be an epic California Roots Festival.


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Article by: Blake Taylor

Watch: Natural Vibrations – “Put A Little Love”
(Live @ The Pier’s Live Acoustic Meet N Greet at Cheba Hut in San Diego, CA – Thanks Edgar Gaytan for capturing this)