Natty Vibes New Single ft Marlon Asher

Natty Vibes New Single ft Marlon Asher

On Tuesday, July 16th, be ready for a collaboration between 2 veterans in the reggae scene. Hawaii’s Natural Vibrations and Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher have teamed up to release a new single titled, “Let It Grow!”

The new track will be released under Natty Vibes’ new label, Polyunderground Music. The song was recorded by Lew Richards at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, California. Riddim recordings were provided by Josh Cardinali out of Stony Eye Studios in Long Beach, California and sent to Lew for mastering. Meanwhile, Natty Vibes and Marlon Asher produced the record and Roots Creative did the artwork for the single.

Natural Vibrations’ manager and co-founder of the new Polyunderground Music Label, Mana Thome, gave us some great insight on how the band found the opportunity to work with The Ganja Farmer. “We met Marlon last Fall in Springfield, Missouri when we did a festival for Josh Heinrichs. We had some good conversation and talked about working on something together in the near future. In April, when both bands had a few days off in California, we organized our efforts and created the new single. Timing, songwriting, and recording went super smooth for this creative opportunity.”

Known as a party band, Natty Vibe’s vocalist Peni Dean explained, “This track is more of a conscious affair with marijuana and the belief that by choice alone we are within our right to do so.” He also said at one point he was stumped and “Marlon stepped right in and gave me some awesome advice. It was like working with someone who was fluent in what we are trying to understand as Hawaiian reggae musicians. I definitely was in full school-mode trying to learn all I could from a great reggae artist. Nuff raspect Marlon Asher boom shot!!!”

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Bassist and vocalist, Jehua Evans, added more about the single. “It’s a high energy track that captures the Natty Vibe sound and Marlon’s unmistakable art of singing. It was great working with Marlon. He had a vision for the song yet wanted our input and sound on the track. It was a nice balance of us doing our thing and him directing his vision.”

Natty Vibes is hard at work putting together a video for the single, an Acoustic Album release around the corner and a NEW album in the works. Also, don’t forget they are currently a part of the Truthful Lies Tour with Mike Pinto and Three Legged Fox!

Natural Vibrations Tour Dates (w/Mike Pinto):
July 15th @ Johnson’s County Market. Selbyville, DE.
July 17th @ Beachland Tavern. Cleveland, OH.
July 18th @ Magic Bag. Ferndale, MI.
July 19th @ Abbey Pub. Chicago, IL.
July 20th @ Firebird. St Louis, MO.
July 24th @ The Marquis Theater. Denver, CO.
July 25th @ The Barkley Ballroom. Frisco, CO.
July 26th @ The Black Sheep. Colorado Springs, CO.

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Article By: David Garcia

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