New Dirty Head’s Album: Self-Titled

New Dirty Head’s Album: Self-Titled

More and more information is being released about the new upcoming Dirty Heads album and The Pier is excited to share the latest. Less than a month left to wait for the new album to drop — Check out our overview below of the new self-titled album including release date, track names, themes, and more!
Jared DH
After releasing the first single and video for the new upcoming self-titled record, Dirty Heads continue to drop nuggets about what to expect off their new album. The hype is steadily building following the the video single of “That’s All I Need” as produced by Justin Gray (Mariah Carey and Joss Stone).

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The new self-titled album will drop via Five Seven Music on July 15th, 2016. The album contains 11-tracks and is described by the band as the “perfect soundtrack to summer days and nights.” Following the growing reliance on playlists, Dirty Heads decided to split the album into ‘day’ and ‘night’ themes. The tracks are specifically sequenced and color-coded as ‘day’ songs or ‘night’ songs, progressing accordingly for fans to listen to as their mood changes throughout the day.

Vocalist, Jared Watson, explains: “nowadays, it’s so easy to just listen to one song…[to] have a song on your iTunes playlist you probably don’t even know who the artist is because it doesn’t matter, you just like that track. We are trying to provide the order we think you should listen to these in” and the color-coding helps to “reflect the vibes of feeling positive, exuberant versus chilled out and low key.”

Not included in the ‘day’ or ‘night’ mix of songs on the new album is, “So Long,” which is a brand new track that is an Amazon exclusive for a digital compilation titled Songs of Summer released June 3rd, 2016 through the digital retail giant. You can pick up the song via Amazon by clicking HERE!

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Many lucky fans should expect some LIVE sneak peaks into some of the new songs as Dirty Heads start their tour alongside Sublime With Rome on July 1st, 2016. Pre-orders of the upcoming album can be purchased now via iTunes by clicking HERE and found in record stores nationwide starting July 15th.

Dirty Heads – Dirty Heads Track Listing:
Dirty Heads DH 1.) That’s All I Need
2.) The Truth
3.) Doesn’t Make You Right
4.) Feeling Good
5.) Under The Water
6.) Too Cruel
7.) Oxygen
8.) Red Lights
9.) Smoke & Dream
10.) Moon Tower
11.) Realize It

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Article By: Eric Schoep

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