New Dirty Heads Album: Self-Titled

New Dirty Heads Album: Self-Titled

Dirty Heads continue to drop hints about their upcoming new album, but have yet to divulge the full details. Recently, vocalist Jared Watson fielded fan questions on a live Facebook Q&A session and leaked a bit of info about their upcoming album.

The Q&A discussion took place on Wednesday, 4/20, with Jared talking heavily about their last album, 2014’s Sound of Change, and the new upcoming album expected to be released sometime this summer 2016. Music to some fans ears may be the news that the new album will not continue on the same path as Sound of Change.

If you didn’t like the last album I think you’re REALLY going to like this album because we kinda got that out of our system.

Watson explained the reasoning for the experimental album and a creative departure from their core sound fans have come to love: “‘Sound of Change’ was definitely more experimental and we were ready for that. I think, just creatively, we had to do it; we didn’t want to just keep putting out the same album and we knew it would be different songs. We needed to take a departure from ourselves to kind of refill our creative gas tank.”

To reinforce this return, Jared even leaked some new information about the new album that was not previously known to fans, sharing that: “…This album is way more reggae and hip hop than the last album. That’s why, there is no title; this album is a self-titled ‘Dirty Heads’ album. We feel like that [title] made the most sense because we took a departure and got out what we needed to. Now we’re back in Dirty Heads world and this is a very core Dirty Heads album.”

Jared continued to talk about the new album, giving credit to the bands personal ups and downs that translated into some organic material for writing new music. Although no mention of an anticipated release date, we learned that there are about 11 songs from 5 different producers with new songs “Moon Tower” and “Realize It” being 2 of Watson’s favorites.

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While Jared doesn’t name-drop the producers who helped produce the record, we know that Justin Gray produced “That’s All I Need,” which premiered on the World Famous KROQ at 4:20pm on 4/20/16. The Pier was previously told, with no surprise, that the group also worked in production with Rome Ramirez and Grammy award winning producer, Supa Dups.

“We have very uplifting songs,” Jared explains. “And we took a different approach this time. Instead of getting just one or two producers and writing with nobody or maybe a couple other people, we got with almost a different producer for each song, which you think would be scary, or it wouldn’t be cohesive, and it would be weird. But actually, everything fits very well.”

As with most fans, The Pier is anxiously awaiting more information as we can’t wait for the album to drop. We anticipate a new album dropping sometime this summer to coincide with their Summer tour alongside Sublime with Rome, Tribal Seeds and Bleeker that kicks off July 1st!

Stay tuned for more details…

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Article & Photo By: Eric Schoep

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